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½ May 1, 2016
''That wasn't a Good play, No kidding, Horrible, You Said It, But the Animation was decent''
August 12, 2015
The LEGO specials are always great !
½ August 23, 2014
Cute and filled with inside jokes even the adults will appreciate.
½ April 6, 2014
7/10: The greatest half hour special to ever air! Forget about the continuity, but the humor had me laughing out so loud! Very, very well done.
December 30, 2013
The biggest problem with this is that it is only 22 minutes long! Other than that, it is HILARIOUS!!! This makes fun of Star Wars so much, but still manages to feel true to it as well. This is an absolute must for all Star Wars fans! You will laugh...I promise!
July 23, 2013
Only on for half an hour but really funny and looks great
June 18, 2013
So awesome when it came out I rushed to Walmart to get it
½ June 10, 2013
LEGO did a good job.
June 3, 2013
This is a really fun mini film from Lego with good animation and hilarious antics. I'm excited to see what they do with their full-length Lego film next year.
March 14, 2013
Ill saw this a while back and I want to do a review on it. So I guess this short film was supposed to be around the clone wars era but there r so many original trilogy things that shouldn't be in here. Tie fighters, Jabba, the rancor, sandcrawlers, mos eisley cantina scene and at-at. This is all of the stuff that should've been left out. No offense to kids, but this is a stupid film for stupid kids who don't know shit about Star Wars. Also the young Han Solo in this was something I forgot to mention. Omg that was probably one of the worse things in here. I guess I'll recommend this to young kids, but older kids and adults will think this is stupid and it it. It makes no sense y they put unneccasary shit in here. I'm done with this review. Ttyl
March 13, 2013
I own this in a two movie pack along with:
* Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out (2013)
November 2, 2012
Funny this is, made me laugh it did...5 outta 5 stars...ooteenie!!
½ November 2, 2012
good and very funny episode
½ November 2, 2012

Much better than Clutch powers, we all love star wars so Lego fort why not make an LEGO STAR WARS MOVIE Not Shaw about the name THE PADAWAN MENACE it sounds like a book. I do hope that LEGO make more STAR WARS films because it is super funny and the CARTOON NETWORK HD SERIES is very funny Funnier than THE PADAWAN MENACE.
October 12, 2012
Damn funny. Highlight was the clip from "Keeping Up With The Calrissians".
August 14, 2012
Awesome and funny Lego movie better than Lego universe
½ August 12, 2012
Far, far, cleverer than you would think, this lego prequel-come-homage-come-comedy short film is breezily animated and chock full of references and great comedy scripting. Kids and adults can both enjoy this 20+ minute animated love letter to all things Star Wars. Great fun.
July 13, 2012
its a fun short film.
½ May 28, 2012
A goodly animated film with a good story for 22 minutes....
May 7, 2012
Its silly and fun but very short. Exactly what you'd expect. One for younger viewers.
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