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Lei Siu Lung yi ngo (I Love You, Bruce Lee) (Bruce Lee: His Last Days) Reviews

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½ September 22, 2010
Betty Ting Pei cashes in on her alleged affair with Bruce Lee in this cheapie tabloid quickie crap. CLONES OF BRUCE LEE and BRUCE LEE FIGHTS BACK FROM THE GRAVE are more accurate. Danny Lee (THE KILLER) plays Bruce!
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½ August 1, 2010
After superstar Bruce Lee dies in her bedroom, "sex bomb" and would-be actress Betty Ting Pei relates the story of the affair she supposedly had with Lee in flashback. Tawdry and defamatory romantic melodrama with scraps of kung fu, told in the cheapest possible Shaw Brothers style. A truly bad movie, but worth a look as a morbid curiosity piece for those who can tolerate seeing Lee portrayed as a drunken, xenophobic lout with horrible taste in mistresses.
½ April 14, 2010
A badly made movie about Bruce Lee's last day, as told from the POV of his (alleged) mistress, actress Betty Ting. Betty plays herself, while Bruce is played by a young Danny Lee (no relation), who will one day be known as "Lee Sir" for his numerous cop roles in HK cinema. Watching the HK scenes from the 70s bring a few chuckles, otherwise this movie is forgetable.
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