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½ September 5, 2016
Jean Reno versus Gary Oldman with the safety of Natalie Portman hanging in the balance.....and Oldman is the psychotic villain in this one so you know it's damn good.
August 29, 2016
My favorite Jean Reno and Gary Oldman film. Excellent script.
½ August 29, 2016
If films like commando are definative of 80s action films.. this one is definitive of 90s action films.
½ August 24, 2016
Besson creates a very interesting and compelling character portrayed perfectly by sjdbdi. And the relationship between Portman's character and Leon is really fleshed out and makes you care in the end. Other than that, there's not enough of Gary Oldman or any other villain to make a compelling plot, the characters are compelling enough, but the plot is too thin.
August 2, 2016
Rewatched July 2016: I remember watching and liking this at about 8 years old and still holds up as a suspenseful action character piece. Admittedly, the sexual suggestions from the kid were increasingly awkward, but still a very good performance from Portman. It's an easy film but good at what it was. Hoping to return to when movies were well written.
July 19, 2016
The movie about an illiterate hitman befriending a 12-year-old girl out for revenge is Luc Besson's finest work with great performances with a standout Gary Oldman's psychotic Stansfield.
July 15, 2016
Seems I'm doomed to perpetually waver on this film. The last time I watched it, I was convinced that it was far better than I had previously thought it to be. Watching it again ... I'm not so sure. I think it's an undeniably good film, but it feels about half an hour too long. The half hour leading up to the climax is particularly painfully slow. I think the problem is that I never really buy the relationship between Mathilda and Leon in anything deeper than a superficial action film manner, so when the film tries to delve into that relationship for real emotional payoff, it loses me. Great action flick ... check. Great villain ... check (I have firmly decided that Gary Oldman's amazingly outsized performance is great) The rest ... no not so much.
July 13, 2016
I really liked Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman in this movie and the movie was extremely captivating. Well worth it. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was the awkwardness between Natalie Portman's attraction to Leon... I would've liked it to be less creepy.
July 13, 2016
I think i remember it being good
July 6, 2016
One of a kind: a suspenseful thriller with French finesse, thanks to a gorgeously photographed succession of excellent, violent action and charming, peaceful scenes depicting the gradually built relationship of the characters. Often Mathilda doesn't sound like 12 but Portman manages to pull it off admirably. The resolution is very well-thought and the finale, brimming with tension, emerges as truly moving yet not melodramatic. Without noticing 2 hours flew and you grew really close to those two.
½ June 20, 2016

Back when movies where more focused, well written, and most of all original, Léon The Professional was there in 1994 to proudly take the price for most charming and unique action/drama film that doesnt let the menial revenge plot get in the way of everything else that makes the movie so unique, as well as making Luc Bessons most recent films even more embarassing.
June 15, 2016
Natalie Portman and the soundtrack.
May 26, 2016
Thrilling, suspenseful, emotionally gripping and SUPERBLY acted by the three principles. Sexual whatever has nothing to do w anything- just focus on the growing relationship for what it is and ENJOY!!!! I'm going to watch it again now.
May 25, 2016

May 19, 2016
A film like no other. Definetly worth seeing.
May 8, 2016
2/3s in in gets kind od silly and creepy with soft core kiddie porn and the one man army who kills with impunity. please, give me something at least that's even believable even in a movie reality.
½ May 4, 2016
Slick and cool, but with more punch than Luc Besson's later films, The Professional manages to feel fresh and fast paced even though it is slower and less frantic than the films it owes so much to. Along with La Femme Nikita, The Professional shows Besson at his best, delving into the visceral aesthetic of violence as opposed to simply trying to make the brutality into something banal.
May 3, 2016
An interesting movie to have come out in 94 but a bit too saccharin for my taste. Natalie Portman did a great job acting but her character bothered me to no end... It could easily be explained that she's over sexed due to her family situation, but Leon's responses felt too arm's length and therefore made the movie feel complicit in sexualizing her. Any self respecting man being hit on by a 12 year old would have had a stronger reaction than him, it's hard to believe he's that naive. Gary Oldman was also too much to be believable. I guess my biggest complaint is this movie starts out as a very grounded and introspective film and betrays itself in maudlin shows of manufactured emotion.
I also hated the blown-out look of the film, very 'video'- that aged pretty poorly.
May 1, 2016
amazingly entertaining, great actor,2 of my fave
April 28, 2016
The violence and tension are good, but this is all about the relationship that develops between Leon and the child.
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