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½ August 19, 2008
Wonderful movie. I loved to see Gene interacting with each of the three girls. And I loved the plot and dialogue, too!
August 18, 2008
I am in love with this movie, it is so great!
Super Reviewer
July 3, 2008
want to see this because it won best comedy or musical picture at the golden globes
June 27, 2008
Well i can never fault Gene Kelly, even his worse films (Brigadoon anyone?) are still fun, this is great, its about a story told from 3 different perspectives about Gene and his 'Les Girls', YAY!!!
Extra special thanks to my sister for phoning me up while i was watching it on TCM, how rude Kezbo!!
June 24, 2008
Not my favorite MGM musical, but it was bright, and shiny, with fantastic costumes and enjoyable song numbers. And Gene Kelly was amazing as always.
½ March 17, 2008
I love this kind of movie. it was a little different than others as it was one of the last of its kind. Gene Kelly is always so much fun. I thought the girls were very good as well.
½ March 17, 2008
FABULOUS Costumes and make-up!!!!
Gene Kelly Dances with 3 beautiful and talented actresses of the era...dreamy
February 19, 2008
Amazing. Totally interesting film with many repetitions of the same storyline from different perspectives to create a comic romp. Only criticism is the cheesy use of the man walking with the "what is truth" sign outside the courthouse. Great songs and dance numbers and great acting all around. George Cukor outdid himself for Gene Kelly's last musical!
February 18, 2008
story-wise, i think it was pretty good. musical-wise, i would say it's not as fulfilling as Gene's other movies. all in all, this movie was quite an entertainment, though maybe not to be watched over and over again.
January 29, 2008
Interesting story line. Three different versions of what happened, (each told by one of the three female dancers). Fun and Enjoyable.
December 16, 2007
I really quite liked it. It's funny and smart, I highly recomend it.
½ November 12, 2007
Nice film to watch on a rainy afternoon.
November 2, 2007
Classified as a classic = Interested.
August 28, 2007
This is a great Gene Kelly movie!
August 28, 2007
Oh, the title threw me a little at first...
½ August 12, 2007
Rashomon as a MGM musical.
August 10, 2007
Not a conventional plot but the same story from three different perspectives
July 19, 2007
½ July 9, 2007
If you love Gene Kelly, this is a must see!
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