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June 27, 2012
Barry Humphries! So unique! So funny!
½ June 18, 2009
Finally out on dvd!
A mess of a film, flash & fun one moment, cheap & dull the next. And trying very hard to be all kinds of crude (think farts & faces exploding puss).
BUT it's great to have it on dvd because it'd be a shame for it to disappear. All that Dame Edna. Joan Rivers as the US President. A standout slapstick climax in a revolving restaurant. Some cute support from people like Andrew Clarke and Pamela Stephenson. And familiar faces popping up like Tim Finn and Graham Kennedy.
Nobody liked it much when it came out, but it's fun trash (at least in parts) if you're in that kind of mood.
The new dvd release features an interview with Barry Humphries, who seems to enjoy his memories of the experience, including the fact that it was disliked by so many people.
I couldn't rate it highly, but I had fun watching it.
Oh, though the acting is mostly crap, there's plenty of quotable dialogue to enjoy.
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