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½ September 15, 2012
While owning a department store, Victor Agardanne(Raimu) lives with his mother(Marcelle Geniat) and his wife Magdeleine(Madeleine Renaud) who is about to give birth any second. Adding to his stress is Victor's side job of being a fence for stolen goods which in the case of the latest theft involved the fatality of an innocent man. Amadeus(Georges Flamant), one of the thieves, is also something of a wolf, as he hits on the spendthrift Adrienne(Viviane Romance) which angers her husband Bastien(Pierre Blanchar), a cobbler, to no end. Amadeus also tries to blackmail Victor which turns out very badly.

"L'Etrange Monsieur Victor" is a darkly entertaining movie that succeeds greatly on the ample charms of its leading man as a character who has enough guilt to start at least three religions and two cults but still cannot bring himself to do the right thing. That leads to a ripple effect, the most noticeable of which is Bastien ending up in jail but at least he has a great line of dialogue.(I don't know if him only getting ten years had to do with Amadeus being filed under no big loss or that particularly French crime of passion.) The movie's main flaw is that it resolves such thorny ethical issues much too quickly and neatly.
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