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½ August 31, 2011
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(1987) Let's Get Harry

You know when a movie is bad when the original director refused to be credited as director and uses the pseudo name Allan Smithee instead. You know a movie is bad when respected actor Robert DuVall demands to leave the film early and they do it by killing his character in the most idiotic manner. You know a movie is bad when the only good acting one can get from this film are Gary Busey and Robert DeVall. Stupid movie with alot of sub par acting with Glenn Fry(The Eagles) who should stick with his singing star as one of 4 American brothers or friends attempting to go to South America, Columbia to save their brother (Mark Harmon) from the capturers who kidnapped him and another for an exchange of some prisoners held up by the United States gov't, since they refuse any type of negotiations! If one were to watch this, it would be for the action toward the end which're done better on other films!

1.5 out of 4
December 12, 2009
Good one, interesting story! a lot of action in an old fashioned way!
Super Reviewer
October 19, 2009
Director Stuart Rosenberg took his name off this picture, but it's actually not that bad.
March 26, 2009
Otro clasico dirigido por Alan Smithee en el que unos amigotes viajan a "Colombia" en busca de su amigo Harry, capturado por el malvado dictador y narco "Ochovar".
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