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November 21, 2015
Le regard de Trogi sur le monde contemporain et l'un des plus brillant du cinéma québécois présentement. Il y a toujours des trucs qui m'agacent dans ses films, mais ils ont toujours cette qualité immense de faire réfléchir...
November 12, 2010
A good comedy about three married men in their thirties facing parenthood. Also it reveals some truth about what men thinks about marriage and other trivial guy stuff.
October 19, 2009
Meilleur que Quebec-Montréal
Super Reviewer
October 18, 2009
One of the best Canadian films I've seen. The QC french are making the better movies in Canada. This is some of the best money telefilm ever spent.
August 21, 2009
Vraiment un film à voir! Même si des fois c'est enrageant de les voir penser avec leurs que...
January 25, 2009
Tout simplement génial !! :-)
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January 25, 2009
No thankyou - Not interested
½ June 18, 2008
Nice movie, its the reflet of the world, the real world ! I laughed a lot, i watched it maybe 5 times, and it is still funny and even more !

Vrm bon film ! J'ai vraiment ri ! Ya pleins de trucs que j'aurais jamais pensé que sa se pouvait... mais un vrai reflet de la société actuelle, super ! Les gars c'est tous des salauds !!
June 8, 2008
Not at all interested
½ May 20, 2008
Portrait de la crise de la trentaine, du point de vue masculin. Excellent film qui ne tombe pas dans le mélodramatique et qui ne se fait jamais moralisateur malgré l'importance des sujets traités. Une surutilisation du procédé consistant à nous montrer la conversation qui aurait pu se dérouler et qui n'a pas eue lieu m'a toutefois un peu agacée.
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April 14, 2008
directed by Ricardo Trogi
starring Patrice Robitaille, Pierre-François Legendre, Jean-Philippe PearsonSébastien has one. Paul is expecting one. Fred definately doesnt want one. What are we talking about ? Kids of course.Horloge biologique is the second film from the team behind the very refreshing Quebec-Montréal. Its about a bunch of 30-something dudes living like they were still teenagers and having to take decisions wether they'll go on like this or respond to their girlfriends's biological clock and have kids.Even though its about many characters, we really follow three of them, they are friends since childhood - the actors are as well - but they are different so we get different points of view. Generally, the message in this film is that today's generation of men are more immature and dont know how to deal with parenthood. Basically, all the characters are assholes, but they are made likeable cause they are layered characters.One thing we could see about Horloge biologique is that its not really subtle, everything is a bit too bold, but its done partly satirical and the dialogues are pretty funny even though they are exagerated a bit. Some pretend its a realistic sample of men that are depicted but I mostly disagree with most of those characters which are actually only a few years older than me. But that wouldnt be a reason to dislike the film, au contraire, I think its funny to see some weel-done self-derision on screen and the acting is terrific. Also, the characters ultimately pay for their mistakes which is rather realistic.With Québec-Montréal, director Ricardo Trogi didnt really have the chance to have fun with the camera, cause everything was happening in cars and the camera couldnt really move, even though he tried many different frames. Here, he goes all the way with some nice camera moves making the film very stylish but suiting the themes. The 80's-like soundtrack is pretty good and is mostly used to express the nostalgia the characters feel when trying to still be like they were 15 years before.Horloge biologique may not be the best Quebec film of its year, but it definately helps making that year one of the strongest of the decade for the cinema of my homeland.
March 31, 2008
Well written, well acted, this is a real gem, I highly recommend it! I can't wait for the director's next flick.
March 12, 2008
The French love food and sex.
February 20, 2008
Tres bon sur un sujet de gars, bravo
½ February 17, 2008
This is highly stereotyped and masculinist and, sadly enough, there is some kind of cynical realism into it.
February 12, 2008
" p'tet que quand on aura 42 ans, on s'ra assez mature pour un' fille de 26"
January 20, 2008
Excellent! Et quelle trame sonore!!
January 8, 2008
Hummmm.... Surtout le volant de cuir
January 5, 2008
Trop bon! C'est drole et pathetique de voir les gars a  la fin!
December 24, 2007
Quelle belle représentation de l'instinct du mâle, qui démontre enfin l'impossibilité de rester avec la même personne toute une vie!
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