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Licence To Kill Quotes

  • Franz Sanchez: Don't worry, it's only money.

  • James Bond: In my business, you prepare for the unexpected.

  • Franz Sanchez: Well, it's a wise gambler who knows when his luck has run out.

  • Franz Sanchez: Our biggest problem is what to do with all the money.

  • Franz Sanchez: <As Bond is tied up sliding on conveyer belt to cocaine shredder> When you are up to your ankles, you'll beg to tell me everything. When you are up to your knees, you'll kiss my ass to kill you!

  • Prof. Joe Butcher: Bless your heart!

  • James Bond: Complements of Sharky
    James Bond: Compliments of Sharkey! [shoots him]

  • James Bond: I can't I just came by to kiss the bride.

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