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½ March 23, 2018
Boy this is so bad you wonder why the excellent Gabriel Byrne & Harvey Keitel got involved - mind you good oldl Harvey will do those TV ads for a well known insurance company. I have seen some stereotypes but this turkey has every nightmare you could think of in one movie. It doesn't know whether it is coming or going and the writers clearly had no idea of what they were doing, except to appeal to the tabloid reading fearmongers amongst us. The villain is sooo bad he could be in a Victorian Melodrama. How this got made is anybody's guess but where a studio would have laughed this laughable pitch out of the door, throwing money at a "pet project" with no movie making ability can still mean you can make such a turd. I am at a loss how someone can put together such a dire product full of stereotypes and every single cliche in the book. It rightly has 0% from critics and deserves even less. Shame on you for this comic book stuff that is an insult to any intelligent person.
February 8, 2018
A stunning and heartbreaking portrayal of some very real and difficult issues, with nothing held back. Gripping storylines with incredible acting talent and a refreshing take on storytelling. The character development and twists take a hold of the audience. An absolute masterpiece.
February 8, 2018
This film is dire. The acting is something out of Bollywood. Harvey Kietel is onscreen for less than a minute at best. The storyline leaps from one subject to the next with no links or reason.
I'd give it zero stars if I could. Waste your time watching it if you don't believe me.
February 5, 2018
I loved Lies We Tell! There were so many layers and levels to explore in just over 2 hours. Gabriel Byrne is excellent as Donald who clearly yearns for a peaceful lifestyle but is thrown into Amber's world of conflict, shame and double standards. The film starts off slow, but about halfway through, you feel like you are at the beginning of a rollercoaster where it cranks you up, then you tip over the edge and witness stunning, thrilling and exciting twists. I found myself feeling so desperate to see good triumph evil, even shouting 'come on' at the screen. Brilliant finale.

Go see Lies We Tell, support an independent film and educate yourself on a new world away from the usual Hollywood guff!
½ February 3, 2018
Oh my God...this movie has to be the worst I have seen in 2017. In fact it was so bad that after watching it at a festival, I decided to not go see any other movies at this same festival. The same way that after drinking a terrible wine, you cannot digest anymore even an exceptional bottle.
I could try to resume it, I could try to tell you why not to watch it but this is so mediocre that I will only prevent you the indigestion by telling you not to go.
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