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½ September 4, 2010
this was just a strange film. Very slow. Lesbian Vampire Angels?? What!? They made god a half naked lesbian which was interesting. Unique for sure, but odd.
½ September 4, 2010
Good movie, not bad! :)
Plan on buying it.
½ September 4, 2010
I took a chance on this movie & NEGATEEVOO! Dis movie is like a vaccume cleaner & a suked a$$! It wuz beyond disapointing & it's too irritating to list the issues Y.Aloha
September 4, 2010
This is a low budget film that takes place somewhere in California. Script/storyline was somewhat weak, I was expecting more action but was disappointed. About 40 years ago a supernatural force vanquished a lesbian couple named Brooke and Rhea after Brooke killed a man at a party. Fast forward to present day, New Years Eve, they will rise from the dead. Still a couple, they are back as vampires and enamored with their new powers, one of them (Brooke) wants to kill everyone in sight but Rhea who was the one with the pure heart and a good person only has a need to kill the bad people on earth. Can they remain a couple and do what is right or will one of them die again for good? To reiterate I was dissatisfied with this picture so I don't recommend it. In my humble opinion the best lesbian vampire film is Eternal with Caroline Neron and directed by Wilhelm Liebenberg inspired by the true story of Countess Elizabeth Bathory.
September 4, 2010
J'me rappelle presque plus de ce film tellement il ne m'a pas marqué, en tout cas ceux qui espèrent baver devant les deux lesbiennes sur quelques scènes chaudes bien mélangés avec l'horreur vous allez être très déçus. Sophie Monk est canon mais surtout caricatural et on sent que le réalisateur n'a pas les couilles d'aller loin dans son concept, devant un film où j'aurais dû m'éclater je me suis bien emmerdé ! A croire que les lesbiennes et le film d'horreur ne sont qu'un approche marketing où on ressort bien dégouté de voir du smack de fillettes en colonie de vacance plutôt que du roulage de pelle à tarte baveux avec des scènes d'horreur à la hauteur (ouais, je parle de toi aussi Lesbian Vampire Killers !!!)
½ September 4, 2010
Two lesbians driving on a deserted highway come across (steady!!) the creator of the universe (a woman of course) who turns them into lesbian avenging angel vampires. A cast who couldnt act their way out of a paper bag, a director who doesnt know the meaning of the word "direct" and a plot that wouldnt make it as a Horror Channel movie of the week. Abysmal waste of time
½ September 4, 2010
It is cheap, the dialog is stupid, the acting is horrible, the story is silly- a lesbian-goddess-vampire that appears out of nowhere like the the good witch of the west and with bad make-up turns some puritanical bimbo and her evil friend into vampires.
September 4, 2010
Did you think a movie about lesbian zombie/vampire creatures featuring Sophie Monk could be bad? It can. Ron Carlson? What are you doing? How could you waste so much money and polish on a film and let it be so terrible. Like funny bad? I'm going to do a lesbian zombie/vampire film one day just to show him how it's done...
½ September 4, 2010
So God is a lady... And Her angels are, in fact, vampires...
I'm usually pretty good at suspending my disbelief but this is asking an awful lot. Even Sophie Monk's foxy lady act grows surprisingly old after a while.

But the aforementioned Ms. Monk's wardrobe choices and the cameos throughout make this just watchable.
September 4, 2010
This film is fantastic. God, gore, guns and lesbians. What more could you ask for? Lovers Rhea and Brooke are attending a New Years Eve party in 1969. After a rather vicious and unpleasant incident occurs, the two girls flee. On the way however they have a run in with god. 40 years later the girls awake as Vampire avengers. And when the two girls reach the Murder World gas station all hell breaks loose. What follows is sexy, gory and funny. The death scenes while not very original have some quality special FX. Most of the film's humour is provided by the legend that is Charles Napier. He brings his brilliant dry wit to the character of Sherriff Tillman. The repartee between him and Danny Woodburn is hilarious. But I'm going to honest; this film is all about the talented and smoking hot Sophie Monk. No one can play a bad girl quite like her. She oozes sex but also manages to be very menacing at the same time. She gets to have the most fun in this film. And clearly shows what a fine actress she is. All in all I thought this was a nice twist on the standard lesbian vampire narrative. I can candidly say that the scene with Sophie Monk and Anya Lahiri walking down the highway on a moonlit night is an image I will not soon forget. This film is not perfect by any means. and even though 80% of the action takes place in the gas station. It was just so much fun that at no point was I bored. Look out for a cameo from Halloweens Scout Taylor-Compton and for the amusing fake TV programme chicks chase chickens.
½ September 4, 2010
An ok, but forgetable
September 4, 2010
"She will be your final challenge!"
½ May 30, 2010
wow. this movie really sucks.
½ May 11, 2010
Don't waste your time on this, unless you just really want to see Sophie Monk wonder around half-naked in a plotless, pointless adventure.(which admittedly may be worth it for certain people)
½ May 3, 2010
Wow did this movie SUCK - no pun intended. I figured it would be tongue in cheek like Bordello of Blood and so on, I was horribly wrong. Two barbie-doll lesbian vampires from 1969 running amok in 2009 on a mission from god to purge evil and look hot.

My description is far better than this could ever aspire to.

I suppose if you wanted to watch it for a few minor topless shots, some girl-on-girl kissing absent of any stage chemistry and badly written dialogue with no point, no plot, no effects, and a cast of D-actors...wait I digress...

I barely made it half way through this and its only 84 minutes long!

STORY = **
PLOT = *

½ April 27, 2010
A real mess of a movie, granted it has sexy co stars in the lead roles but it basically turns into a pubescent boy or girls) lesbian wet dream. The plot meanders and the ending is confusing to say the least. Since when did God create vampires? As far as I know it has never appeared in any vampire lore. Only recommended to people who want to see soft core lesbian porn.
½ April 25, 2010
Instructed to devour evil, and thereby gain eternal life, the story portrays their first 24 hours of survival as these reborn creatures. Tag along with Rhea and Brooke as they are given a second chance to live. Due to Brooke's actions, both of their lives are taken. Brooke doesn't see why she needs a second chance to prove herself, but Rhea has to try and show her what she did wrong with her pure heart. A sexy movie, definitely a guy movie. It also stars Patrick Renna who plays the clerk at Murder World, but he is more well known for his kid role as the catcher in The Sandlot. I was extremely suprised to see him in this, it brought back some good memories.
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