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April 23, 2017
I absolutely adored this flick. A simple yet profound compilation of scenes from shot by people all around the world. What better way to show the humanity within us? As a documentarian, I wish I had come up with the idea!
July 18, 2016
Deserves five stars for the sheer ingenuity!!! What an amazing idea!!
½ September 27, 2015
Excellence in movie editing.
September 13, 2015
A special and thoroughly enjoyable film.
September 8, 2015
An inspired tapestry of the human experience.
August 29, 2015
Interesting view of the similarities among people's lives around the world. Shows everyday situations for many different types of people.
May 11, 2015
The film's an exercise that probably sounded better on paper.
Eddie Chung
Super Reviewer
May 11, 2015
The film's an exercise that probably sounded better on paper.
March 25, 2015
Filme colaborativo mostrando um dia ao redor do mundo, várias culturas e situações. É interessante o panorama, mas a falta de conexão entre as imagens às vezes torna difícil de acompanhar.
March 11, 2015
Watched on Mobile - Aleppo - Feb - 2014.
February 6, 2015
This is filmmaking at its most raw and visceral. Yes, there certainly is a lack of coherence, but I loved the sheer ambition and emotion of it all the same. There's no other way to describe it. It's the kind of emotional experience that truly has to be seen to be appreciated. It gives you a true appreciation for life. How amazingly diverse we are as people, and how unbelievably glorious our God is. I LOVED this film! One of the best documentaries I've ever seen.
January 17, 2015
A peek into so many possible lives and routines that occur around us. This is just a minuscule tiny glimpse into what happens on a daily basis here on earth and reminds us that we all are humans yet we live such diverse lives and can be doing so many things at the same time. Points out that we are never alone.
November 27, 2014
Some great moments, both small and large.
October 24, 2014
This movie may leave you with a reflexion but all in all it's a bit like a collage that hasn't quite fit into one picture. Snippets here and there but nothing quite worthwhile. The trailer gave me more chills than the movie. To me the best part lasted not even 15 seconds: one man responding to the question of "what do you fear most?"... Pointing to the ice covered horizon he answers: "losing all this".
½ September 13, 2014
Thud! BBBBBoring! and pointless.
½ August 28, 2014
[2014-8-28] Life is short and beautiful.
½ August 1, 2014
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½ July 27, 2014
Interesting, but only on a surface level. (as a side-note, I have the feeling a much more compelling movie could have been made simply about the travelling bicycle man!)
½ July 19, 2014
Interesting, yet somewhat unsatisfying.
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June 17, 2014
The very idea of this film fascinated me, so I had to give it a shot. I must say, that if life itself fascinates you, you may just fall in love with this film, if you want to call it a film. These two directors asked people across the entire world to document their day and send in the footage so that this film could display the joys, struggles, happiness, and sadness surrounding us. This film displays these peoples lives very well, I just wish the film had been a little longer to explore a bit more of their lives, because in their videos they clearly wanted that. Life is intriguing to me and think this movie broadened my mind of how others view the world. "Life in a Day" is a very special film, that may not be groundbreaking, but it is very well put together.
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