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January 8, 2013
How do you make a terrible movie with Patrick Wilson and Amy Smart, well.. this is a perfect example. That's the problem with first time filmmakers, to much into their art and not the story. This boring was beyond boring, each scene seem to go on forever, i drifted away in a matter of moments, could hang on to this very forgettable and disappointing film.
½ March 24, 2012
Stilted and strained. The overall plot could work, but the dialogue and some of the acting and production, not so much. Best part is some nice Brooklyn and lower Manhattan settings.
½ January 28, 2012
This story could have been developed a bit more. It was very lite. It was a short movie that didn't make use of its time properly. Very disappointed. The acting was decent though.
½ December 30, 2011
Characters devolve into caricatures as this potentially interesting plot evolves. Predictable ending. Too bad, good actors not used to their full potential.
½ December 23, 2011
Comedia romántica con toques dramáticos y de cierta profundidad en cuanto a la reflexión que pretende el narrador de la historia, a partir del relato de la vida perfecta de un hombre "felizmente" casado, con una familia "perfecta", con el trabajo "ideal", hasta que se topa con el verdadero amor y con una metáfora que le cambiará la vida.
½ January 1, 2011
Horrible, predictable, nonsense movie....
December 18, 2010
Spoiled rich architect realizes in the face of a younger hottie that his bossy wife who doesn't give him sex and the new job he's about to take aren't really the things he wants. End of movie.

Silly dialog, problematic characters, bad performances all wrapped up into one. Horribly miscast movie that had no reason of existence. Lasts only 78 minutes yet it's incredibly boring. No reason to watch, move along.
½ December 11, 2010
I found it boring and dry as heck. It came across as just scenes with people acting from the get go. for example, the first scene when they wake up in bed is exactly how the rest of the film is directed and acted. It fails as a film in my opinion. Don't watch it; watch something else with Wilson in it.
Super Reviewer
October 23, 2010
The film was so so. Patrick Wilson and Lynn Collins shine in the film. I was surprised at how short the film was. The film reminded me of a movie that Ed Burns would have made. However, if Ed would have made this movie, he would have done a better job with it. The ending was a little disappointing since I was expecting it to be different.
August 16, 2009
Acting is quite well and the story is pretty realistic and believable, however I was not fully satisfied by this movie.
May 28, 2009
This was an okay film, but it was a little boring. Amy Smart was good as the money and status obsessed wife.
½ May 25, 2009
This wasn't a complete stinker, actually there were some nice performances here; however the story should have been more fully developed. Just wasn't enough here to fill a full feature film and 1 hr 20 minutes they were stretching it. Sorry - just not enough - this was half baked I'm afraid.
May 16, 2008
Dreadful. Like a Lifetime for Women movie of the week. Dreadful.
May 14, 2008
Written and directed by Tracey Hecht, Life In Flight is a powerfully understated drama. Successful New York architect Will (Patrick Wilson) seems to have it all: a charming and driven wife Catherine (Amy Smart), a precocious son and a business set to expand to the next level by merging with a huge firm that is truly a major player. When Will meets Kate (Lynn Collins), a quirky and approachable retail designer, they hit it off on many levels, forcing Will to re-evaluate the path his life has gone.
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