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February 8, 2016
Life If Beautiful is a surprisingly happy holocaust movie that; even if the end is slightly tragic; still makes you smile in the end. I show just how beautiful life really is by giving the holocaust victims a back story, and emphasizing how much we take for granted at home. The biggest takeaway from this movie is not to squander the opportunities your provided with because thy won't always be there.
July 3, 2010
this movie is beautiful
½ October 29, 2004
[color=#333333]There are times,
When you want to let your tears flow like wine
There are things,
That make your heart to stop to beat and start to sing
It could be anything,
Maybe a story or a movie,
That touches your heart,
And Gives the humanness in you a kick start.

?Life is beautiful? is one such story,
Which will always be special for me, a glory
It?s one of the best movie you would every see,
Watch it once and no doubt you would come and thank me.
It?s about a small Jew family in world war two,
And it?s about lot of fun and a bit of romance too,
It?s about a small boy Joshua who loves tanks,
An innocent little boy in the times of military ranks.

It?s about a man Gaudio, who always loves to laugh and make everyone smile
It?s this wonderful acting by Oscar winning Robert Beningini that takes this character a mile,
It?s about a woman Dora she is called,
Who leaves everything, money, class, religion for a man she adored

Then it is also about the sins of war,
Man kills man, cruelty to the core ,
Where the Jews are treated worse than dogs,
In concentration camps they are made to do everything from dig graves for themselves to carry heavy metal logs,
In this beastly world,
It?s about how a father explains these sins to his son as a game,
Where everyone collects points for things they do,
And in the end there is a tank as the prize too.

And in the end friends when you watch this,
Don?t shut you eyes for fear someone else would see the tears in you eyes,
And Let them flow,
When and American Solider comes with a tank
To the concentration camp
And carries the little boy on the shoulder
Telling him he won,
Because in reality he did,
This story is really a victory of humanity[/color]
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