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April 26, 2018
Nice and funny movie abovNice and funny movie above of that it has a valuable lesson Its sad to see how some people ended up homeless and the way they live their live suffering through day by day in a comedian funny way to make it watchable but its really sad you won;t be able to watch it if it wasn't funny its the truth that most people ignore it and most government don't want to solve this matter its life that you live in nothing is always good its hard and sad watching people living this way .. Humanity is what we look up to and it what makes us different than other creatures and yet humans won't stick to that we all know nature is so nice and beautiful but humans who make life and world so ugly !!!e of that it has a valuable lesson
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April 7, 2018
Brooks' heart is in the right place here and while the movie definitely has problems I think it is better than its reputation. Honestly I prefer Brooks trying something new rather than just making another spoof.
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½ December 22, 2017
An underrated Mel Brooks comedy that benefits from funny situations and great performances (especially Brooks and Warren, who steals the show every time she appears), disappointing only for coming up with a silly and implausible conclusion for the character's problems.
December 2, 2016
This is so underrated! It's just a feel good, innocent story with really hilarious moments. This is obviously not a movie to take seriously or watch if you're in the mood for action or drama, but for comedy this is delightful and will leave you feeling good.
½ August 15, 2016
Mel Brooks followed up "SpaceBalls" with this disaster at social commentary. The thin plot involves a rich land developer trying to live on skid row for a month to win a bet. It's cheap looking and mostly laugh free. The highlight is a loopy, Kafka-esque scene in a hospital. I wish the rest of the film was that demented.
July 26, 2016
It's intermittently funny and Mel Brooks should be given some credit for his attempt at directing and starring in a comedy that's not a parody but given its uneven pacing and formulaic plot about a rich guy pretending to be penniless for a month, Life Stinks is a movie that stinks.
April 22, 2016
One of Mel Brooks' weaker films
½ October 5, 2015
I remember quite liking this film in the theater when it first came out. I'm not sure I appreciated at the time that this was writer/director Mel Brooks few outings not doing a parody film and telling an original story (though Brooks did produce a number of less goofy of films like "The Elephant Man," "Francis" and "My Favorite Year"). Here Brooks tells the story of a millionaire taking a bet that he can't survive on the street for thirty days. Brooks takes the bet and proceeds to have a series of comic set pieces, some romance, and some surprisingly sincere moments. Watching this film now, I can really this this film as an old style Preston Sturges type of comedy that can have broad slapstick in one scene and some sincere drama the next. Few films can pull that off and this film does a pretty good job of this. The cast, which includes Lesley Ann Warren, Jeffrey Tambor, Stuart Pankin, Rudy De Luca, Billy Barty and Brian Thompson, get a lot of credit for making it all work. This film is not as classic as say "Young Frankenstein" or "The Producers" though this film may represent the most modern of his comedies. But like I said earlier, this film is in many ways very old fashioned, so I'm not sure it will actually appear to all audiences.
½ July 30, 2015
Worth for the street dance
½ April 1, 2015
There is humor here although it is strained.
March 2, 2015
It's a bit too bleak and depressing, but Mel Brooks can always be counted on for a laugh. It's not one of his classics, but it has its moments.
January 1, 2015
Weak script with a few mindless diversions.
December 18, 2014
This movie, relying heavily on jokes about rich versus poor, Mel Brooks' painfully contrived story, and Jeffrey Tambor's painfully awkward, bizarre and unfunny humour, makes it Mel Brooks' weakest film. While he did try creating an original comedy movie (something the critics have noticed), he had much better luck spoofing them himself.
December 9, 2014
Normally, when filmmakers step outside of their comfort zone, I'm excited to see the end result even when it isn't entirely successful. Mel Brooks is one of the most renown and respected comedic filmmakers of the modern age, and "Life Stinks" is his attempt at making a socially responsible comedy, and the finished product is an utter disaster.

There are attempts at humor in the film, make no mistakes about that, with with Brooks you can count on either biting satire or goofy, go-for-broke sight gags. You'll find none of that here. Because of the subject matter. most of the humor is uncomfortable and it doesn't mix well with the paths and social commentary.

I can understand Brooks wanting to shine a light on a serious subject matter through the use of humor, but here the line between the two is blurred and neither is effective. The homeless in the film are fairly impossible to take seriously because they are written as kooky but lovable scamps. The upside of that is that it makes the preposterous relationship that develops between Brooks and bag lady Lesley Anne Warren palatable but still incredibly difficult to stomach.

There are also several basic contrivances with the story that are never fully resolved, but they do make for a happy ending in which everyone learns a lesson and is wiser for the experience. Everyone, that is, except for the audience of "Life Stinks." It's a definite departure for Brooks that still tries to retain the spirit of his earlier films, but the gamble misfires badly. It's a somber experience, and the lack of successful jokes make it even more unbearable.
½ September 15, 2014
Mel Brooks strayed from the straight parody genre to make this social satire about the rich and the homeless. Brooks plays one of the richest man in the world, who cares little for the problems of the poor and disenfranchised. He owns half of the property in the slums of Los Angeles, and plans to buy the other half from the city...but a rich rival buys it up first, ruining his chances of building an extravagant dream center. The two make a bet, if Brooks character can stay on the streets with no assets for 30 days, he gets the other half of the property, if he does not, he must give his half to the rival. Along the way he learns life lessons and his eyes are opened to the world of the is good character stuff. Unfortunately for Brooks, he manages to hit a lot of the right satiric notes, but rarely manages to get out the laughs. Great message, a decent cast, weak in the funny department. I would say this film is slightly underrated critically, but it isn't as funny as Brooks commentary on the subject should be.
½ June 16, 2014
Adventures on the streets of Downtown LA--A different Mel Brooks movie, that manages to make you smile and think!!
May 8, 2014
I don't normally like Mel Brooks movies, however when he writes or stars in original material I seem to dig it. With that said, this comedy isn't perfect and it sure isn't satire at its finest but it is a watchable film with a great change of pace.
May 5, 2014
Funny but unfunny all at once!
February 9, 2014
Life Stinks is a fun film. I give this flick 4 stars.
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June 7, 2013
Heck! This MOVIE stinks! Not funny in the least.
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