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August 24, 2016
8/23/2016: An ok movie at best. An ok story but not many laughs.
June 5, 2016
Charming and quite entertaining.
½ June 30, 2015
Michael J. Fox does it again in this family flick. Ages 8+
June 29, 2015
Kitschy and mishandled family friendly nonsense.
February 20, 2015
Former child star turned talent agent befriends a pickpocket and turns her into a commercial star in this predictable family film.
February 7, 2015
I must?ve watched this movie once a week growing up. This immediately makes me a biased reviewer with so much nostalgia attached. However, after revisiting this recently?I STILL KINDA LIKED IT! A funnier-than-expected meta-commentary on Fox and his own career, there is some really cool chemistry between him and his cohorts. Sure, it falters in some heavy drama in the last third, but it?s still a watchable little family dramedy that is filled with good-natured sweetness.
½ November 26, 2014
Heartwarmingly funny and with a sense of light drama, Life With Mikey delivers solid performances by Michael J. Fox and Christina Vidal.
October 29, 2014
good cast & story too
½ August 16, 2014
(First and only viewing - In my early twenties)
July 11, 2014
Fox and Lane play Brothers who run a talent agency.Angie (Vidal) is the sweet honey who they meet and try to help.I love Cyndi Lauper, who we have heard in many songs. A bit of sadness, as we hear of Angie's father.Fox somehow tries to get Angie to reunite and bond with Dad who left her.During the holidays,it is nice to find cheer and welcome sweet films like this one
June 15, 2014
Too many dull, predictable moments between moments of forced syrupy sweetness.
April 1, 2014
They filmed this in my neighbourhood when I was growing up.
½ September 1, 2013
This isn't a bad movie. It's fun to watch for the first time. However it has absolutely no replay value at all. When you try to watch it again it gets so boring you have to turn it off. I give this movie one viewing on a rainy day and thats it.
½ July 9, 2013
A forgotten little gem, riffing on the ins and outs of show biz.
The Gandiman
Super Reviewer
½ January 5, 2013
Huge potential. Hugely missed. Great cast but the plotting is predictable and many of the situations as stereotypical as they come. Shame considering the talent involved.
December 17, 2012
Gotta love Micheal J. Fox
November 26, 2012
this movie was ok, it could have been better, Michael J Fox, Nathan Lane, Cyndi Lauper, Christina Vidal and Victor Garber starred in it, it was a good film, I do not want this film on DVD
September 6, 2012
I used to love this movie.
May 30, 2012
looooooove this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
½ May 13, 2012
Pretty good. The strongpoints are the music and fantastic acting by Christina Vidal.
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