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½ February 22, 2015
Slow in places. But the performances of the two leads keeps you intrigued. There are some beautiful shots peppered throughout the movie. This indie is truly driven by its characters and so its a good thing that it's characters are interesting enough to warrant a watch. Not something that is essential to watch but if you have 90 minutes spare this character study is worth your time
January 25, 2015
Jones and Yelchin play with passion and devotion the story of those two irritant and annoying lovers that cannot learn to let go.
½ January 6, 2015
Arent personal relashinships rather trite? they didnt even fuck
November 18, 2014
This sounded like a good story, and it was, but I just wish there had been more actual romance in it. It was quite boring in some parts, and it felt like it had plot holes.
November 15, 2014
Finally, a realistic beautiful piece of art, depicting the rise and fall of a relationship, through the phases of bliss, separation, end and beyond.
In the directors own words; In a way, they'll never be able to shake each other off for the rest of their lives. They'll always be a part of each other, no matter what they do or who they get with, whether they're with each other or not. That sort of frames that feeling of helplessness, of not understanding fully what it is, which is sort of the most heartbreaking thing.
October 4, 2014
it maybe a true story
you will cry
½ September 30, 2014
It is constantly dreary, but also it's an idylic, meticulous and honest study of romantic relationships and its conflicts.
September 26, 2014
The surreal moment following the conclusion; one of those that makes you contemplate your entire being.
½ September 24, 2014
A bit mediocre especially towards the end.
September 23, 2014
Engrossing, sad and frustrating. The story is believable but the execution left me feeling unsatisfied.
September 16, 2014
Distance is a killer
½ August 24, 2014
The movie has a special atmosphere, specific to indie movies. Felicity Jones is mesmerizing and beautiful.
½ August 11, 2014
A successful testament to two conflicting ideas. One: love, fate, destiny, and time have a way of working things out no matter how impossible things seem to get. And two: sometimes, the happiness of the past fools us into believing things will be just as good in the present.

A typical yet beautiful solution of romance and drama. The raw, genuine, and detailed depiction of first love allows for viewers to feel connected and related to the film. I sobbed. Twice.
August 10, 2014
"Like Crazy" is one of the most realistic relationship movies ever made. But that's also why it is also so hard to love.
The central couple is Anna (Felicity Jones), a Brit, and Jacob (Anton Yelchin), an American. Their meet-cute takes place in a college class - for Anna, it's love at first sight, and it doesn't take long for Jacob to fall for her either. She is studying journalism, he is studying furniture design. They spend days upon weeks together, shown in a montage that is surprisingly devoid of fakery. It isn't hard to see that this is young love that is as serious as it is ready to crash and burn.
But then, the school year ends, and Anna is going to spend the summer in the UK, since her travel Visa is due to expire. Yet Anna is so smitten that she decides to ignore the government and stay - this decision causes a butterfly effect that is so extremely maddening that it's hard to even look at Anna and not want to give her a fatherly pep talk.
She is then deported, spending months away from Jacob - Jacob, however, begins seeing Sam (Jennifer Lawrence), a beautiful young woman who gives Anna a run for her money. This sort of plot goes in a cycle: Anna and Jacob see each other for a short time, then see other people when they're apart. It isn't healthy - and while the film technically has a happy ending (they end up together), it isn't all smiles. There are more tears, depressed glances.
You can't help but want to watch the film and wonder what would happen to Jacob and Anna's relationship had there been no deportations, no Jennifer Lawrence, no Ross and Rachel style breakups. From the start, Anna is the one that puts more into the relationship, but Jacob is clearly in love too.
At one point, she makes Jacob a very twee, very borderline stalker scrapbook that would be creepier if you didn't know they were so in love; she is the one that decides they must get married against the odds. Jacob, in the meantime, has no problem seeing other women right away. The only true present he gives her is a chair. A chair.
I can't be cynical about the film, because after all, the film is cynical itself. It is a true measure of the effects a long distance relationship, and with people as approachable as Jones and Yelchin are, you can tell their love is something fragile, not something Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant could conjure.
Most of the dialogue is improvised, and that makes Jones and Yelchin's performances all the more potent. From their first date to the final scene, there is growth and death in their romance that is believable and totally organic - it's a terrific choice from Doremus, whose direction is equally as homegrown. The leading actors are both fantastic, and Lawrence is dependable but underused in a role that calls for just a little bit more.
But "Like Crazy" is so good because it's unlike 90% of romantic dramas. There is absolutely nothing about it that we can doubt - maybe that's why it's so sad. It's the rise and fall of first love, and we're watching it through a lens.
August 6, 2014
It's nice, sweet, and really well observed, but a bit light and slightly tedious. Probably great if you're a teenager still to work all this stuff out, and just interesting for everyone else.
August 5, 2014
Wtf I already saw and reviewed this. Oh well, I watched it a second time and about 1/3 in realized I had seen it before. J Law and Felicity are wonderful, but it's not that thrilling. If anything, it's another reminder that hot guys get hot women and do lovey things that average guys like myself don't get to experience. #bitter
Super Reviewer
July 31, 2014
Wanted to like this, but it just felt like a real nothing movie.
I didn't buy the attraction between the pair, which I guess is a major problem for this genre. I didn't really care if they got together or not. To me, they were both cheaters anyhow, so can't have been too madly in love.
July 17, 2014
Moments of purity sneak through this teenage soap-opera.
½ July 6, 2014
For anyone who has been or is currently in a long distance relationship, this movie will hit home for them. A movie with such raw elements even to a regular relationship.

'Like Crazy' is directed by Drake Doremus and it stars Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, Oliver Muirhead and Charlie Bewley.

In this beautifully crafted and elegantly made romantic drama we are given a real life taste into a
strong and deep relationship. I would classify this as an indie film as it's evidently shown in it's style and it's isn't Hollywoodized or fancied up in any way.
'Like Crazy' tells the complex story of a couple in a long distance relationship. Jacob(Anton Yelchin) and Anna(Felicity Jones), she being from England, meet at an American school and they hit it off in spectacular fashion. Their love is vibrant, beautiful, young and true. It's only until Anna's spontaneous and regrettable decision to stay in the country while violating her visa agreement begins a rocky and difficult outcome creating their time together being extremely valuable and their futures looking rather unknown.

The movie mainly and only focuses on the couple of Jacob(Anton Yelchin) and Anna(Felicity Jones) and their emotional need for each each other. At the start of their first meeting and progressively through every additional scene they're in together do we see a strong and believable relationship. With the great direction of Drake Doremus we get this realistic approach to how couples feed off each other's jokes, feelings and their nonsense. In the end with true love being existent, forgiveness and each other is all they and anyone needs. I find that the chemistry between these two is excellent, they seemed really cute with each other too and their appearance and role were very fitting to the vision that director Drake Doremus may have been going for. Overall it worked really well.

This story takes on a couple of creative complications. I won't spoil others but the initial complication is the fact that Anna(Felicity Jones) overstayed her visa and that I believe this pushes it to a more urgent need and creates a more serious problem for our characters. In most dramas that involve a couple they would go for something very general and common that we've seen before. Perhaps a boyfriend cheats or the girl is pregnant, we've practically heard of it already. Here the large separation between them allows us to feel something even more for them like there's something missing(I'm sure it'll take someone with a long distance experience to understand).

What I find to be the worrying part is that it could present itself as a little boring and may have audiences looking at their watches or seeing how long of the movie is left. There is no doubt that this film likes to take its time however I also don't see that any scenes are potentially wasted. In regards to the vibrance of most scenes the first act of the movie seems to be the most elegant and heart warming. With the understanding of their relationship on the rocks I get how and why the serious and slow pacing may be simply enhancing the seriousness of the situation. I would not think that most audiences would understand the message or reasoning behind it and will find it a little less interesting than they expected.

'Like Crazy' tells a love tale like no other. Yes it still has it problems but the reality of a young, loving couple is present and you simply can't help but feel for them as they go through this hard moment in their lives.
Having been in a long distance relationship myself, this movie hit me in the right spots and allowed me to understand and appreciate what's important in my own life. In a way it nearly replicates a difficult era of my life, a little personal something I feel like sharing you.
June 26, 2014
Most annoying couple ever.
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