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December 7, 2018
After making such a brilliant splash with his first two films -- Show Me Love and Together -- the Swedish director Lukas Moodysson seems to dry up in Lilya 4-ever.
January 10, 2018
The social questions it raises are real enough; its sentimentality is what makes one doubt Moodysson is Ingmar Bergman's heir. Not by a long sob.
December 30, 2006
July 25, 2003
[Moodysson] dives into the soul of a 16-year-old Estonian girl and tears you apart.
June 27, 2003
A wrenching feel-bad movie graced by a luminous central performance.
June 20, 2003
It tells a heartbreaking story, one of those tales that need to be told and about which only pain can be felt.
May 28, 2003
It is Akinshina's presence and performance that make the pedestrian story heart-wrenching.
May 27, 2003
... a fantastic movie.
May 16, 2003
What Lilja 4-Ever has in common with the greatest films is its spiritual transcendence. Don't miss it.
May 9, 2003
Stark and unblinking.
May 9, 2003
I read of thousands of women from Eastern Europe who are lured into virtual slavery. I hope some of their clients will attend this movie, even if for the wrong reasons, and see what they are responsible for.
May 8, 2003
Lukas Moodysson, a young Swedish director, crafts a stunner of a film out of familiar turf.
May 8, 2003
By the end of the film, our hearts will burn and break for Lilya.
May 4, 2003
It says nothing more useful than: isn't this shocking? Aren't we powerless to do anything about it?
May 2, 2003
Lilya's struggle to make a life for herself is both heartbreaking and heart-stirring.
April 25, 2003
Akinshina, a gorgeous and extraordinarily poised young actress, can switch in a flash from wounded kid to jaded know-it-all.
April 20, 2003
One of the least happy films I have seen in a while, but also one of the most memorable and moving.
April 18, 2003
This sober, unsparing drama, strong if unambitious, is probably as perfectly characteristic a specimen of serious European filmmaking as any movie ever made.
April 18, 2003
Akinshina, a beauty on the order of Anna Kournikova, is a terrific actress who manages, amid the bleakness of her scenes, to create a fully dimensional portrait of a confused teenager who loses her innocence and virtually all hope, but never her pride.
April 18, 2003
Lilya is portrayed by Oksana Akinshina, who gives a dynamic, heartbreaking performance.
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