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July 31, 2010
Also known as "Re-Generation," it's essentially a melodrama about a crippled woman who learns to walk, her domineering father and their dysfunctional family. The hackneyed plot is overlaid with a thin gloss of science fiction; the crippled woman is a mutant who was born without legs and her father runs an ice-mining corporation that provides water to a city in a future version of Canada in which all the world's water has become non-potable due to something never specified. A doctor who makes his living grafting lab-grown limbs onto limbless mutants shows has been hired to fix the mutant daughter's problems and he gets entangled in the family's intrigues. The nearly-action-free screenplay concludes with something that's supposed to be a bit like an O. Henry ending, but not before we get to see the seedy underbelly of the limb-growing industry and a few of the doctor's recurrent nightmares about lesbians... for whatever unexplained reason he has those (aside from providing something to break up the monotony of the film).

It's hard to find anything about this flick to enjoy. The acting is incredibly stiff throughout, sometimes reminiscent of John Lovitz' "Master Thespian" character from Saturday Night Live ("I'm acting!") The story has been done to death. Even the way shots are framed is reminiscent at times of a film student trying to emulate Ingmar Bergman. If the film is trying to make any point at all, as dour and earnest as it is, it never becomes apparent.

Talentless, flaccid and drab, "The Limb Salesman" is "The Helen Keller Story" meets "Dallas." Walk on by this one.
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