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½ January 13, 2017
Considered by many as the Brazilian Un Chien Andalou, this poetic classic may be quite self-indulgent and repetitious, but is also a hugely innovative film in terms of cinematography and editing for the time it was made, with so many evocative shots that linger in the memory.
August 27, 2013
This film is a great, poetic, inspiring mystery ride. I dare to say that it is the visually best film I've seen from that era.The slow, unique pace and the repeating structure of its main musical motif, Erik Satie's theme 'GymnopĂ (C)die', intensify the suggestive effect of the immensely beautifully captured images in a magnificent montage and unfolds one of the great philosophical questions of the 20th century: the unsolvable contradiction between transience of human life and the eternity of the universe. The story is hard to access, because Peixoto almost always works with flashbacks and rare title links, so we have to solve the puzzle for our own. Nevertheless, it's the imagery that is so fascinating, full of suicidal feelings, desperateness, tristesse and wonderfully compositions of nature - trees, foggy landscapes, waves. An unparalleled cinematic experience I will not forget and of course highly recommended.
November 3, 2010
An amazing Brazilian silent, in which a man and two women are (without explanation) adrift at sea in a small boat, and each recalls some scenario from their past. This is the only film by Mario Peixoto, which is a damn shame because his work has a haunting poetry that immediately sucked me in and wouldn't let go. Along with cinematographer Edgar Brasil, he crafts shots that feel so intuitive that they seem like the film stock itself suggested them. I know that's a loopy and vague comment to make, but something about the way this movie was put together just sang to me... this thick air of melancholy and reverie and desperation. The music selection (Satie, Debussy, Stravisky, and more). A couple of parts were a bit sluggish, but I need to watch it when I'm a little less tired.
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