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½ February 20, 2014
wonderfully supspenseful
½ November 2, 2013
pretty fine thriller
½ August 4, 2013
From writer/director Gary Sherman, who directed the underrated "Vice Squad," "Dead & Buried," "Raw Meat" and "Wanted: Dead or Alive." I'd never seen this one before, but it was a fairly solid little thriller. Staci Keanan, of "Step by Step" and "My Two Dads" fame, is a teen who starts doing phone pranks which lead to a story along the lines of William Castle's "I Saw What You Did and I Know Who You Are." It's a pretty silly thriller, but I have to admit that I was fairly caught up in the story and wanted to see how it ended. Still, it's not up to some of the better B picture Sherman has made.
June 21, 2013
maybe i'm biased because i grew up watching this movie.... repeatedly (USA movie junky). but i think it's a good movie that shows what kinda crazy bullshit silly teen girls get into when they try to be grown women.
½ August 12, 2012
Way before its time... This psychological thriller highlights a parable nonetheless relevant today. It's worth the treat, even if there are some foibles along the way. And, why did the world ever stoop embracing the wonderful Staci Keanon? She deserves much more recognition, please!!!!
½ January 29, 2012
It just didn't work.
½ December 19, 2011
July 15, 2011
Laughable teen slasher film about a young girl who anonymously calls older men she finds cute but doesn't realize that her latest crush is a serial killer. This tacky thriller makes all the usual mistakes of a bad horror film (illogical characters, no suspense, no scares) then also manages to drive home it's seriousness to a point that I was laughing at it. Add on top of that the disturbing direction of Gary Sherman, who focuses on a lot of older men in the film leering at the young protagonist and you have a failed horror film that you can't call enjoyable to poke holes at or to entertain but one thing it is though, is forgettable.
June 2, 2011
Until last night, I had never heard of this movie. Thanks Adam. While we started it last night, attention span wasn't there and I finished it this morning. Well, "not bad". One of those early 90's erotic thrillers, where very young girls get into a bit too much naughty trouble. It isn't anywhere near as raunchy as Drew Barrymore's comeback movie, "POISON IVY" (a personal favorite of mine)... but for a PG-13 teen, fatal attraction, a la Alicia Silverstone in "THE CRUSH", "Lisa" ain't that bad. It could def. use some more thrills and suspense... but overall it is a well-made movie, that displays some good character dynamics, acting, and attention to detail.... a well-done Lifetime/USA network thriller of the week.......
½ January 23, 2011
This was actually a good movie and one I believe all teenage girls need to watch. The suspense that builds up through the movie catches you enough to need to see it to the end.
December 26, 2010
Staci Keanan gives a charming performance as the title character. Some fine acting is displayed when a red-faced and panic ridden Lisa is hiding in the back of Richard's car with Richard driving and unaware of her presence. There is a noticeable blooper involving Richard's license number but other than that, this movie was alright.
December 4, 2010
An engrossing and disturbing amalgamation of Nancy Drew, an 80s after school special, and an episode of SVU.
October 19, 2010
can't remember but will look it up
August 25, 2010
I saw this so long ago, but I remember it was not very good.
April 17, 2006
I didn't like it-another movie put on rotation to scare women on [i]Lifetime[/i].The premise could have been better,it's just really stupid and bland, the writing [i]really[/i] needed better care and work, i mean jeez! my [b][i]cat[/i][/b] could write better scenes! The casting is awful,don't even get me started.:rotten:
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