Little Dieter Needs to Fly: Escape from Laos Reviews

February 23, 2008
February 15, 2007
Werner Herzog's remarkable docu tells with sharp observation and witty humor the heroic tale of the imprisonment and escape of Dieter Dengler, a native German who became an American pilot in the Vietnam War; Dengler exudes plenty of charisma.
October 21, 2005
A stunning tale of survival.
July 16, 2005
June 21, 2005
A summation of the director's work in so many ways that one is tempted to point the neophyte to it ahead of better-known Herzogs.
December 21, 2004
A compassionate and personal story of the brutality and oddity of war
November 19, 2004
September 27, 2002
Dengler is a marvelous storyteller and opens his heart and soul for Herzog without hesitation.
February 21, 2002
Death did not want Dieter Dengler, whose life often sounds like that of a fairy tale character thrust into an existential wonderland.
April 20, 2001
Herzog has likened Dengler's experience to a Greek tragedy, involving dreams, punishment and redemption.
April 20, 2001
There are a lot of current motion pictures that have had difficulty creating even one compelling character. Little Dieter Needs to Fly has just one subject, but his life could make several interesting movies.
April 20, 2001
As often happens in Mr. Herzog's haunting documentaries, the most interesting figure seems to be the one behind the camera.
April 20, 2001
Herzog starts with a balding middle-aged man driving down a country lane in a convertible, and listens, questions and shapes, until the life experience of Dieter Dengler becomes unforgettable.