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February 21, 2018
It is an ugly, weird, horrifying pony. Nevertheless is a one-trick-pony. It bored me quite a lot and the end was a letdown too. Shame
½ October 25, 2015
A childless couple have tried everything, but they just don't get children. As a light pun the man digs up a root looking like a little boy. His wife takes it really seriously and things are settled. They have a stick as a kid.

The stick also turn out to be a huge challenge, not only for the parents, but also the rest of the block. Well acted and super characters makes it even more interesting. Weird and disturbing. Spooky and creative. Funny and adventure-like. This film is like no other, and very hard to describe. It's very far out, bizarre but beautiful.

It moves a bit slow and I really miss more of Svankmajers superb animations. While other films of his are more driven by animations, this is a lot more plot-driven. The plot is very cool but his fantastic ability to make objects move and morph is more rewardable for me.

I'm very glad I saw it. Not only for it's uniqueness but the ability to make a story like this so "natural". Still the production looks pretty poor. The colors are gray and dull and the pace makes it boring at times. It's a bit too long.

7.5 out of 10 pervy old men.
September 24, 2015
a very odd movie that holds its own and yet is entertaining and funny, with some horror aspects to it. the premise of a man making a boy out of wood that comes to life may seem like Pinocchio but this is not it. a dark spin to it and more mature dealings, this is not for the littles. a weird watch but not bad.
February 5, 2015
Masterpiece. Unforgettable!
May 31, 2014
An adult fairy tale based on a Czech folk story. It's a darkly twisted allegory that gives "family tree" a whole new meaning (sorry could not resist).
October 20, 2013
"Bizarre" is the best word to describe this film.
March 31, 2013
Bizarre uncanny and brilliant. A mothers love is unconditional lol
½ March 11, 2013
The only aspect that didn't work for me was the complete, inhuman, unbelievable derangement of the wife character. All of her behaviour felt like plot-advancement rather than believable human behaviour, so that rubbed me the wrong way. Otherwise, loved it.
½ February 23, 2013
Once upon a time there were a man and a woman and they couldn't get any children. They longed for a child of their own though, and one day the man dug up the root of a tree that looked just like a little boy. They decided to keep the wooden baby and called him Otik. After several months Otik came to life and his parents fed him. However, Otik grew bigger and more hungry every day. First he ate the cat, then the postman and finally the social worker. Meanwhile, a little girl down the apartment discovered the resemblance with an existing Czech fairy tale... A fine piece of European cinema about parenthood, eating and being eaten.
½ December 27, 2012
Daring and original revisit to the story of the Greedy Guts--Beautiful, bizare and truly satisfying fantasy!!
½ December 5, 2012
Like merging Lynch's The Grandmother & Eraserhead and making it more straightforward but also more twisted at the same time
Super Reviewer
½ September 18, 2012
An infertile couple pretend a tree stump is a baby, but trouble arises when it comes to life and needs to be fed. The laughs are as twisted as the gnarled roots little Otik uses to grab his dinner in this black comedy adaptation of a European folktale with hints of horror and flecks of surrealism.
August 25, 2012
Not my favorite Svankmajer film, but it's still very funny and entertaining.
July 31, 2012
Guillermo del Toro should do a remake of this. Parts of this film seem to have been somewhat of an inspiration for some scenes in Pans Labyrinth, but also the whole history behind the creature here, and a possible cousin to that folklore character. Mostly this is just a very strange and disturbing film at times. Other times it does get slightly annoying in parts, but the imagination and exection is brilliant all around here.
June 6, 2012
Au début, ça nous prend au dépourvu, cet excès d'esthétisme brut qui frôle les limites de la perversité de la maternité. Les continuels plans de détail de Svankmajer nous perturbent et nous amènent à prendre conscience de notre entourage d'une manière différente, à le percevoir beaucoup plus éphémère, incroyablement plus cruel et absurde. À ce moment-là, je me soumets de part et d'autre au génie de l'imagination et du talent créateur de Svankmajer. Un couple infertile. Un homme qui taille un pseudo enfant dans du bois pour faire plaisir à sa femme. Une femme qui accepte l'enfant comme le sien. Un bébé en bois qui prend en vie et qui grossit dangereusement. Tant d'idées formidables dans une si petite tête, serait-ce possible?

À ce moment-là, ce que je ne sais pas encore, c'est qu'au fond, Svankmajer ne s'est chargé que d'adapter sur écran une fable populaire de la République Tchèque. Et pourtant, même pas besoin de recherches sur le Net. Dès le milieu du film, on s'en aperçoit rapidement. On croise les doigts, on espère qu'on a tort et qu'au fond, Svankmajer n'a pas exploité une quelconque fable cliché. Pourtant, le doute devient certitude, et on ne peut s'empêcher de le regretter.

Car un film, c'est avant tout une idée. Et les adaptations sont rarement des idées. Du moins, dans le sens où je l'envisage.

Néanmoins, quel film, quelle réalisation, quelle fable sur les dangers et l'avarice de la maternité lorsque Dieu ne l'a pas autorisée.
May 28, 2012
One of the best films I've seen in a while. And definitely one of the strangest. Very funny, you just want to see more of the couple's life and you keep asking yourself, how long can this go on? It's madness.
I will never think of pregnancy the same way again.
I love to read childresn's tales, and I want to read this and other czech stories.
April 19, 2012
Mental, dark and disturbing. Svankmajer is Czechoslovakia's answer to David Lynch. Based on the folk story Otesanek.
April 1, 2012
It's kind of like Pinocchio... On crack.

It's... Well... Umm... Like I said...Pinocchio on crack...

The Story: A man creates a wooden child as a light hearted joke to cheer up his wife when they find out that they can't conceive and have children of their own. The wife takes the child under her wing treating it as if it were a real child, even pretending to be pregnant so that she can have the child and take it out in public. Once the pregnancy is passed though, the wooden child, through some sort of miracle (or curse) comes to life. Things quickly turn bad when the childs appetite becomes too much to handle, and the child itself becomes to big to handle. It's got a strange super surreal sense of style to it, and a sick sense humor that's almost an acquired taste.

The Cast: Yeah... The thing is... I don't know any of them... This is a Czech film, so all the actors are Czech actors, and all the dialogue is of course Czech... Everyone seemed to play the parts pretty good. The subtitles though, were sometimes too much of a direct translation...So there's the cast for you... A lot of people who's names I can't pronounce let alone spell...

One to Five Scale: 4

It's a super surreal, interesting, and strange breed of fairy tale. I can't really figure out the moral of the story, and it's definitely an acquired taste... If you ever see it in the TV listings give it a try... Just be warned, it's straight out of left field, so if you don't like the strange and bizarre you won't like this one in the slightest.

March 17, 2012
So the cover is creepy and it seems like a very maternal Little shop of horrors...
March 14, 2012
Bizarre and heart-breaking all at the same time.
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