Dec 18, 2020
Will James Bond live on in the 1970s? Not much farther, if this episode is anything to go by.
Dec 18, 2020
It is good, lively, mindless entertainment, slow to warm up but once embarked upon its improbable story quick to appreciate its own absurdity.
Oct 13, 2008
Guy Hamilton's direction lacks enthusiasm and pace, while even the art direction -- long the Bond films' real secret weapon -- seems to have fallen to a shrunken budget.
Oct 13, 2008
It can't quite muster an explosive third act to match previous jaunts, but Moore had got his feet under the table.
Oct 13, 2008
The comic book plot meanders through a series of hardware production numbers.
Oct 13, 2008
Setting aside an allright speedboat spectacular over land and water, the film is both perfunctory and predictable -- leaving the mind free to wander into the question of its overall taste. Or lack of it.
Mar 24, 2007
Jun 24, 2006
Two hours long and anti-climactic, but Bond fans won't be disappointed.
May 9, 2005
Live and Let Die has been especially well photographed and edited, and it makes clever and extensive use of its good title song, by Paul and Linda McCartney.
Oct 23, 2004
It doesn't have the wit and it doesn't have the style of the best Bond movies.
Aug 1, 2001
A film that ranks with the best Bonds.
Jan 1, 2000
The only thing about Live and Let Die to weather the test of time is its title song.