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December 28, 2016
The fact that this is the second most fresh Die Hard is absurd. It's certainly entertaining and the action is non stop but it's also unbeliveably far-fetched making Die Hard With a Vengenace look realistic. Feels more like a caricature rather than an actual sequel.
December 17, 2016
Incredible return of a character now decrepit, but still working interpretation by the legendary hard Bruce Willis, used mainly for sending a saga that should never have an end
½ December 7, 2016
The best Die Hard sequel.
½ December 2, 2016
Live Free or Die Hard is supported by a
Legitimate plot and villain while offering high caliber American action set pieces and one liners from Bruce Willis.
½ November 23, 2016
Just as a piece of virtuoso action filmmaking, this is a terrific time at the movies. Len Wiseman did a fantastic job.
Super Reviewer
½ November 13, 2016
Just finished watching the uncut version and while the villain is quite subdued for most of the film, it just works wonderfully. Massive fan of the franchise, this uncuts some of the profanity missing from the original which just works much better. The first films where hard and when I watched this at the movies, I liked it but it didn't feel like a true die hard film. Great action film that would deliver a belated sequel that would lead into a badly written and directed sequel. Great casting here feels like the previous film but targeted for the popcorn fan and film geek. must see in uncut, true version in my opinion.
November 7, 2016
Amazing how much I've grown to appreciate this sequel more over the past decade.
October 30, 2016
A body count to die for. Action more like a video game than a drama. Heed this warning that the IoT will be the death of us all for sure. The concentration of intelligence is also the concentration of idiocy. We're doomed. 911 was nothing.
½ September 28, 2016
Was a good film up until the ridiculous ending
½ September 25, 2016
Terrific! Justin Long nailed it! Super funny! He was the backbone of this movie!
September 19, 2016
I officially don't get why people think that Live Free or Die Hard was the first truly awful film in the franchise. In my opinion it's actually one of the better ones. This particular film is more in the vein of Die Hard With a Vengeance because it has John McClane fighting his way all around an entire city with a buddy. I'll admit that there are moments in the film that take everything to the extreme and perhaps push your suspension of disbelief. For one thing it falls into the typical movie idea of what hacking looks like (lots of fast typing,) and also it suggests that Justin Long with one keyboard can mystically break into any computer system with relative ease. Luckily, I've always been willing to forgive movie computers and the more simplistic/silly way they work. Some of the action is also a little over-the-top and extreme, but I think if you've made it this far in the Die Hard franchise then you can probably accept the fact that John McClane is basically a superhero. If you get past the hard-to-believe parts of the film, it is actually a solid story. I love that it gets personal at the end because I can feel the emotion in Bruce Willis' performance. I also enjoyed Justin Long's character getting stuck with McClane since their personalities clash. Live Free or Die Hard isn't all that smart, but it is a ton of fun.
September 17, 2016
I'd watch it, i'm not gonna lie.
August 31, 2016
Slower than its Predecessors however still fun and enjoyable
August 27, 2016
Live Free or Die Hard (Also known as Die Hard 4.0) is the WORST of the 5 films. An awful film with a boring story crapy action and mediocre acting.
A disappointment.

4.25/10 or 2 stars
August 10, 2016
Yippie-Ki-Yay motherfucker. John McClane will never die!
½ August 9, 2016
shit blow up though the whole movie cool
½ August 7, 2016
It's the worst movie ever made.
July 28, 2016
It's entertaining but simply ridiculous, taking a relatively grounded franchise and turning it into one that has barely any realism.
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½ July 25, 2016
Excellent film fantastic action scenes, Abit over the top but brilliant, A must watch for any action fan, Different to the other Die Hard films but in a good way, Some fantastic effects to top it all off.
½ July 24, 2016
Come on, this comes out ON MY BIRTHDAY! OF COURSE I'MA GO SEE IT!
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