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May 13, 2014
Four people hold up a bank, but the cops have been tipped off and arrive in seconds. A shoot out insues and the surviving robbers are forced into a local cafe, where they take hostages. Two of their hostages turn out to be armed gang bangers, who turn the tables on the bank robbers, making them hostages as well. It was a pretty good opening, but from there it descends into your typical, slow moving, hostage drama, with paranoid cops, scared hostages, and unreasonable demands. Edward Furlong stars in this HBO thriller, and continues to be one of my favorite actors. He is so unappreciated and disrespected in Hollywood, because he was a child actor and will forever be known as that cute kid in Terminator 2. His Co-star is Michael Madsen is by far the worst actor I have ever seen. The guy thinks he's John Wayne, but the second he tries to show any emotion, people start laughing, because he is really that unbelievable. Madsen brings down the credibility of everything he is in, which makes me wonder how this guy continues to get work. Living & Dying has a great opening and an interesting ending, but unfortunately the middle is just about as boring and predictable as a movie can get.
May 13, 2014
Very good movie, I thought what everyone would have thought, until I saw the end!! Wow....a very good movie!
May 13, 2014
Surprisingly not that bad, but not that great either. An average kind of film. Hilarious at times.
August 18, 2012
the restaurant set wants to be claustrophobic, but it turns to be a little annoying to the audience. What is good is, the viewer cannot understand who are the real bad guys, BEcause when they're introduced the three crooks, two more worse crooks enter on scene, and they are the real tough guys. Good cast, even tho they just act as if they know this movie would have been rated rotten.
May 16, 2012
That was good entertainment,stop whining and repeating what the one before you said.
December 10, 2009
A little bit trashy, but if you can't stand trashy movies it's pretty okay. Too many cooks on the story one might think as well. :)
½ August 28, 2009
Everything sucks and uncomfortable...
½ June 1, 2009
Bai Ling is hot. Besides this, it is nothing.
May 18, 2009
Turk actors were better than i though.i wacth for them.i like it.why dont they think senario early like this one?great story.
February 25, 2009
Everything sucked except the Steady Cam. And the bullet hits.
½ February 6, 2009
For Christ sake. This movie really sucks! By any means! One of the worst B-Movies I've ever spent my time on.
½ October 22, 2008
Low budget, lame gunfight effects, cheesy acting, has-been and almost-has-been actors...meh. The story was good, some okay twists...but there are better movies in the genre. Good way to spend an hour and a half while flipping through Magic cards, though...
October 21, 2008
min deite pote afti tin aparadekti tainia ektos ki an eiste fan tou simpathestatou michael madsen..
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August 3, 2008
Bai Ling acting = No buys. There's not a lot I can really say about this film, it was mindless, it was stupid, it was low budget and it was bad, but in some weird and sadistic way I enjoyed this film in all its crappiness, not that I'd recommend it cause it still is pretty bad.
July 25, 2008
Wow, I just don't get these other reviews. Could it be that people under 30 don't know a good movie when it bites them in the ass? Maybe. Or maybe I just watch too many movies and I see even crappier ones than this. Either way, I liked it. So there.
July 11, 2008
türk oyuncular?n amerikal? oyuncular yan?nda sönük kald??? kendilerini ön plana ç?karmak için abart?l? bir oyunculuk sergiledikleri medyam?zda deniz akkaya filmde tecavüz edilmesi haberleriyle bayaa bir yer i?gal ededn vasat bir film...
July 5, 2008
didnt make it past 20mins enough said
½ June 22, 2008
Oh Bai Ling, you are so hot. Other than that it's got lame gun fights, Mike Madsen and the kid from T2. That's it, pretty lame.
May 26, 2008
This is a low budget film. predicatable but still watchable
½ May 15, 2008
Nothing great and really predictable. The ending had a bit of a twist but it seemed to be just thrown in to the script for no reason at all. The acting needed some major help but even with all the faults it was still a decent movie to waste time too.
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