The Living Daylights Reviews

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September 6, 2020
Smartly, it kickstarts a grander daredevilry in Bond films - and a greater realism in the violence - that is entirely welcome.
July 16, 2020
The Living Daylights breathes new life into the series and we needed that.
January 6, 2020
If you're looking for a bit for fun in your Bond film, this would be one to skip, otherwise it's a really good action film with some top class set pieces.
August 6, 2017
While the film seemed relatively modern well into the '90s, now it is a bygone era for which I'm nostalgic.
November 8, 2016
Dalton's Bond brings the British spy much closer to the head and heart of a real character.
November 1, 2015
Just what the franchise needed to become more culturally relevant as the 1990s approached.
October 20, 2015
In The Living Daylights, Dalton establishes his claim to the role; in the films that will follow, he'll have the chance to dig deeper.
October 20, 2015
The relative clarity of the story allows director John Glen and screenwriters Richard Maibaum and Michael G. Wilson to inject moments of subtlety and human interest -- commodities that in recent Bonds have been in even shorter supply than sense.
October 20, 2015
Despite being hampered by an overly convoluted plot and two of the feeblest Bond villains ever (greedy buffoons Koskov and Whitaker don't have a quantum of menace between them), Dalton brings much-needed grit to the role.
October 20, 2015
Dalton shows a serious side that's been missing from the role since Sean Connery's earliest 007 days. And as a whole, the new picture is less of a special-effects affair than most of Roger Moore's Bond films.
October 20, 2015
Colorful, vibrant, exotic, The Living Daylights more than delivers an eyeful of entertainment. At a running length just over two hours, the most thrill- seeking Bond fans will get their money`s worth.
January 13, 2015
More serious, tougher version of Bond has plenty of violence.
October 31, 2012
"Finally, a James Bond movie that Ian Fleming can be proud of. Dalton is a lean, mean and bold Bond. Full of great action and featuring a romantic sub-plot that elevates this above most other 007 adventures."
October 14, 2012
Dalton is a dapper, dashing and dangerous Bond. And although "Casino Royale's" sophisticated blend of thrills and personal turmoil slightly eludes "Daylights," it's a sign that the producers then had the right instincts if not the full initiative.
September 16, 2012
Dalton gets a chance to demonstrate a fascinating, if slightly too actorly take on [James Bond].
February 17, 2009
It was somehow more entertaining than how it sounds.
October 13, 2008
After the fizzle of the later Roger Moore Bonds, The Living Daylights brings in a new 007 in Timothy Dalton, who manages the Connery trick of seeming suave and tough at the same time.
October 13, 2008
Dalton is an engaging Bond, d'Abo is coolly alluring, and Krabbe is the epitome of the double-dealing spy master.
October 13, 2008
Timothy Dalton, the fourth Bond, registers beautifully on all key counts of charm, machismo, sensitivity and technique.
October 13, 2008
This Bond is as fast on his feet as with his wits; an ironic scowl creases his face; he's battle ready yet war-weary.
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