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March 24, 2013
Raft gave me the impression of not belonging in this movie for some reason, his character was an outside, but it wasn't that. This film has a highly predictable story, unfortunately. But it wasn't too bad, just okay.
February 14, 2012
a 1952 donnie brasco, only in this case the guy who goes undercover to take down some gangsters isn't a fed - he's just a guy hired by a factory owner!
some interesting camera work and there is a fair amount of violence - only, the bad guys are horrible shots and the fight scenes are kind of funny - though they do get an A for effort.

if you like old gangster films this worth a look.
July 1, 2010
Jeez, yet another "infiltrating the organization" noir. This one has a slightly unusual twist to it, as it doesn't involve any kind of law enforcement agency at all. The hero is hired by a tire factory whose employees are getting fleeced. It's a weird setup and rather implausible. It's got a few nice touches: some fleeting instances of interesting cinematography, crisp dialogue, and the tough guy performance by George Raft. But overall it's very by-the-numbers and doesn't bring anything new or very exciting to the table. Decent for some quick but forgettable entertainment, though.
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December 24, 2008
This was a real enjoyable Black & White Gangster Film with lots of style. With George Raft playing the lead role. I rented it because I am checking out all available movies with Ross Elliott in them, Ross played a very small part in this film which went unaccredited. This Movie only lasted about 78 Minutes, and is part of a Double Feature, my copy was the Forgotten Noir Volume 2, it doubles with Arson Inc, if all the movies in the Forgotten Noir Collection are as good as this one I will start a new collection. This movie is full of thrills, guys fighting in suits and keeping there hats on there heads, lines like I?ll stick closer to him then his underwear. Raft grabing a girl and laying a hardy lip lock on her that by todays standards in America could get you a trip to see the judge. I enjoy the fact that Raft starts out working in a tire factory and its hows tires being made, couldn?t do that in 2009 unless of course you went to China. Has a great twist at the end. 4 to 5 Stars all the way. Throw me another B&W Please.
December 15, 2008
no thanks not my thing
November 4, 2008
wow! i am the first person to rate and review this mediocre b-grade film noir! yeah, there are better ways to spend 77 minutes but not a complete waste. the stellar "acting" of george raft is always "impressive"
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