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Local Hero Quotes

  • Maclntyre: Give me a 42 yesr old whisky, Roddy.
    Roddy: We've none of that tonight Mr. Mac.
    Maclntyre: Well give me four eight-year olds and a ten-year old.
    Roddy: Aye, that adds up.

  • Maclntyre: We're in the way of acquiring some real estate in the area.
    Rev. Macpherson: You want to buy my church?
    Maclntyre: Well, not as a going concern.

  • Gordon Urquhart: Christman will be earlie this year..
    Stella: So what do you want for a Christmas?
    Gordon Urquhart: We can get a new mattress..

  • Gordon Urquhart: It's never locked!
    Danny Oldsen: Nice people.
    Maclntyre: And they speak English!

  • Gordon Urquhart: The restaurant opens at 8. 7 in the fishing season.........It's not the fishing season
    Gordon Urquhart: The restaurant opens at eight. Seven in the fishing season... It's not the fishing season.

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