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½ September 2, 2013
Too low-budget to be of much value.
June 23, 2012
was ok it was more of a soft-core sex film then a movie i kinda actually liked it a forbidden love affair always makes my eyes water
½ April 25, 2012
Do not watch this movie. I repeat, do not watch this movie. Stupid.
½ October 30, 2011
Really bad acting but nice story ;)
October 11, 2011
Una pelĂ­cula porno encubierta, la trama es bastante zonza y los actores pĂ (C)simos!
March 13, 2011
Dennis and Mike are "Locked Up" convicts but that doesn't prevent them from falling in love despite the brutality of prison life. What I really admired about this film is the originality. It's low budget, is both violent and sexual (almost X rated) but tells an effective story of love. Marcel Schlott is well cast as the German convict and Mike Sale is sweet as the American convict. Another rarity is that Dennis speaks German but understands English while Mike speaks English only but understands German. I've never seen a movie where both main characters speak different languages but relate to the universal language of attraction.

The prison brutes are awful in victimizing the weaker inmates and the guards are just as corrupt in accepting bribes. But, that's the background, the story of how two different men meet in isolation and fall in love despite the brutality surrounding them is unforgetable.
March 5, 2011
I'm love movies like this.. It was very good quality except for the subtitles. I hate having to read a movie. Movies ate for watching not reading. But, I guess if you want to watch a GAY movie you have to read it. Its probably because the United States can't make GAY movies because they are so scared for a bad reputation!
June 9, 2010
Hi I just signed up for Flixster today and I wanted to meet people who could help me share my over 300 Lesbian & Gay collection for free. The other thing is that I have watched this move twice and the second one was on my Netflix account, but the reviews say that there are deleted scenes that are full hard core of the Movie Locked Up but I don't have a clue as to where to go to find these deleted scenes? Can anyone help me with either?
½ February 21, 2010
I liked the way this was filmed
January 14, 2010
Oh my God - what a strange film. A porn movie without porn (done by the Berlin porn company Cazzo!), a story of love in an unrealistic prison, citations of Haynes' Poison and Genet's Un chant d'amour, hilarious elements of trash. This could have been a great idea ... Be glad if you don't understand German - the actors speak as if reading their text out of schoolbooks. True, this is so in some early Fassbinder films, too - but I really don't think it was intentional here. 2 stars for true love.
September 13, 2009
I actually don't even know how to describe this movie. If this story has any basis in reality (and it very well may...) then I'd be shocked. I would seriously only watch this if you're gay and want to watch a young man struggle with adjusting to prison life in Germany while also struggling to realize who he is while getting into an interracial "prison relationship" with another inmate. It's not a long movie but I thought (and wished) that it would end five times before it actually did. The end itself, though, was actually kind of sad. This is not a light, fun movie for kids of all ages.
July 8, 2009
Black meets white, German meets American, captivity versus freedom.
April 7, 2009
So NetFlix thinks I'm a dirty old man or a gay ho-bag. Not sure how that happened...

Anyway, this DVD took full advantage if my TVs 1080p resolution, which was great for the faux sex scenes and brief glimpses of masturbating convicts...

The lead is beautiful when naked for sure, but the dialog isn't worth the time it takes for your brain to process the subtitles. The story itself is only interesting if you have never known true love.

I'd love to see the financials on this or similar films. If they are profitable then maybe I have found a new career...
½ January 27, 2009
I'm sure it surprises no one that I loved this movie. If the characters were women, the amount of flesh in the movie would be utterly ordinary, but it's well-known that Europeans are much more equal oppurtunity (but not equal, to be sure) when it comes to nudity. The film goes from brutal to sweet in a rather short time span. I compare it to 'Green Fingers,' which stars a bunch of British people, in which there is no nudity whatsoever, because it shows prisoners as human beings and the prison to be quite inhumane. Also, is it possible that Mike is really American? Because he sounds British, perhaps he's from the Virgin Isles or something. While the film is essentially a tender porno, there was something very geniuine about the characters that made the plot much more believable. Very recommended to folks who like this kind of stuff - European porn-fiction, perhaps one could call it. That would include everything Catherine Breillat has ever made, Tino Brass' films (like Salon Kitty, that is so messed up in so many ways), people who didn't hate 'The Dreamers.' But the essence of this porn-fiction is that it takes a fictional relationship, one that you might come to care about as in any narrative film and takes it from there. It's almost like women's porn, in that it gives you a reason to care, not just the images and I can say personally that the way I conceive of attractiveness, personality is king. I don't think Justin Timberlake is goodlooking, I can intellectually recognize why others do, but he is so uninteresting it's crazy. Another interesting aspect of these films is that most of what they show is real. It blurs boundaries the way real person slash fan fiction does.
½ January 27, 2009
I'm embarassed to admit that I watched this all the way through. Very cheaply made and terrible acting. Lots of eye candy, though.
January 25, 2009
This was a porno that was edited down into a regular movie...which would explain why the acting was so...wooden.
December 25, 2008
i got the the German verison (Gefangen) OMG THAT IS NOT SOFT PORN IT IS HARDCORE PORN!!!! The us version is watered down and shitty compared to the original edit. there is more of a love story, punk have a bigger role(not just getting beat or naked)... As odd as this might sound the porn version it better not just for the sex but for understanding the roles everyone plays.
December 12, 2008
Not only are the actors hot, the story-line is hot, and the scenes are hot! This was def a soft-core movie that had me fully erect for the majority of it. I loved it and now am in love with Marcel! The sex scenes are amazing, especially the rape scene. Fantastic, i def would love to see more of it!
December 12, 2008
Not only are the actors hot, the story-line is hot, and the scenes are hot! This was def a soft-core movie that had me fully erect for the majority of it. I loved it and now am in love with Marcel! The sex scenes are amazing, especially the rape scene. Fantastic, i def would love to see more of it!
November 2, 2008
Well, if it wasn't for the great looking men and full frontal nudity, this would be a movie I would never have watched the whole way through. I am glad the lead was worth watching. If you like real sex scenes then skip to the deleted scenes. Nice! anyway - - - not much to say about the movie.
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