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This is a DOUBLE review for Both the Original & Sequel (aka Shibuya kaidan ) Subtitles & 'More Hair'; 2 short movies (only a tinge over an hour) on 1 disk. The 1st one was 'ok' but not crazy about it. I want to know what's with J-Horror vengeful spirits & There always being HAIR (like the spirit's hair is always soooooo long Its like What was the movie ( I think Sara Michelle Gellar starred in the remake) Ju-on I think. In the first movie a group a collage students are camping & telling scary stories When they get home , They all start to see & experience odd happenings. The locker is an urban legend that you either leave a gift in for someone you like & you give it to them & all will go right However there is also a Curse with the locker. A baby was left inside & now haunts all who use the locker. The sequel leaves off as the original ended. Ayano (the young girl being tudored by one of the last movies victims) is in the hospital with Reika. Ayano comes across the key to the Locker and The Cycle starts again. The cops are still trying to solve the 'Unnatural deaths' of the previous movie, a Doctor is trying to find out answers and poor Ayano in the middle of it all. D

Kym (c my community profile)   Salvatore
Kym (c my community profile) Salvatore

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Mission: Entertain Audience Status: Utter failure Mission: Confuse Audience Status: Critical hit. It's super-effective. Ever wonder why American cinema didn't just collapse under the weight of Friedman and Seltzer's short-lived over-saturation of the industry? Because this was plan B. This movie can't decide whether it wants to be a Grudge or Pulse knockoff but don't worry, it's combined the worst elements of both to make what many people refer to as "boredom". The movie quickly reaches its premise: "Unborn fetuses..." and it pretty much stops there but it's pretty clear, aborted fetus, don't you even think of forgetting it. A ghost (of an aborted fetus, what a shock) is haunting six college students (all of whom are just as cliche as the six college students in every unoriginal horror film). It seemed like a neat idea at first but at some point the director decided the best way to emulate the hand of a baby girl was to use that of a 20-30 year old male. It's explained later as "SHE USED TO BE SMALLER!!" The question is when? When the script was written? The premise forced me to wonder about the writers feelings towards abortion but when the baby is actually revealed, it turns out to be far less gory or frightening than even the posters that pro-lifers typically hold up during a rally but don't worry, this one teleports by climbing out of her own hair--the same EXACT hair found all over the place in The Grudge--and the creature climbs into the light to fully expose its flat, uncreative and ineffective make-up job (she's just painted green, pretty much). The special effects are nonetheless pretty good (although by no means excellent), which I found shocking because with the number of rookie mistakes in editing and camera work I had assumed that I was watching an indy film. For example, at one point in the movie the editor switches to such a drastically different angle than the instant beforehand, it was a full 10 seconds before I realized that I was looking at a different angle and not an entirely different scene. Near the climax, a stage hand can be seen walking across the set, in what's supposed to be an abandoned parking garage (in a hospital, in the middle of the day, with no cars), as the female lead is delivering quite possibly her first interesting monologue of the movie. As for the camera work (or perhaps I should point the blame to the location scout and lighting department in this case), the mistakes were far fewer but in one scene, much more obvious than anything done by the editor: while the movie was still going for the feel of Pulse and the remaining surviving characters were talking about their dead/missing friends, the location chosen had windows EVERYWHERE, causing the sun's light to rush in, overexposing the white walls and making the screen bright to the point that looking at it was a strain to the eyes. I'm not going to deny that I've seen far worse but the good doesn't even come close to justifying the bad. While trying to capitalize on the J-horror market during its peak, emphasizing its abortion premise with no real point to make, amateurish film-making (despite generous funding) and completely ineffective jump-scares, this script and movie should've been aborted in all three trimesters (twice).

Jack Linhart
Jack Linhart

A well done sequel.

Anthony Valletta
Anthony Valletta

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