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October 21, 2006
April 14, 2006
the kind of movie that makes you feel more like an eavesdropper than a viewer
March 3, 2006
"Loggerheads" is like a person who never raises her voice, yet somehow you know to pay attention to every word she says.
February 3, 2006
The dramatic tension is nil. But the performances, particularly by Hunt (in a non-comedic role, for a change), are worth a look.
January 26, 2006
The movie could have benefited from a lighter touch ...
January 26, 2006
... an understated and heartfelt story, superbly acted, with a strong sense of people and place.
January 26, 2006
The movie weaves flawless performances by Bonnie Hunt, Chris Sarandon, Michael Learned and others into a mesmerizing tapestry of familial yearning and loss.
January 15, 2006
... if you can shake out some of the chafing bits of sand that weigh down Loggerheads, you'll find a heartfelt story about people coming to terms with irrevocable loss.
January 12, 2006
Despite a meandering tone, Loggerheads is consistently watchable thanks to committed actors playing recognizable, decent folks just trying to do the right thing -- or rectify mistakes of the past.
December 28, 2005
The film is very smart in recognizing that being gay is about a lot more than whom you sleep with.
December 15, 2005
You're in deep.
December 14, 2005
The stories unfold at about the speed of a turtle slowing crawling across the sand, but eventually you get the whole picture and it becomes a moving story of love and redemption.
December 9, 2005
A chamber piece of subtle touches, finely acted, the movie has time jumps that are a little confusing.
December 9, 2005
This quiet community and family drama set on the North Carolina shore offers a bighearted outlook on how to absorb change and defeat.
December 2, 2005
Slow, unadorned, compassionate, and earnest, Loggerheads is a low-fi throwback to the independent films of the 1980s and '90s -- heartland miniatures hewn from plainspoken lives.
November 11, 2005
Loggerheads has the best qualities of independent filmmaking.
November 11, 2005
Featuring a number of nicely honed performances and weaving three initially disparate tales into one, Loggerheads delivers far more than you might expect.
November 7, 2005
... a quietly impressive, nuanced essay about the emotional politics of abandonment, adoption and atonement that needs no dispensation for its small budget.
November 3, 2005
Freshness aside, Loggerheads is beautifully performed (especially by Hunt and Harper), and the script is finely attuned to the nuances of communication that has nothing to do with words.
October 31, 2005
This felt like a Lifetime movie to me.
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