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Lola and Bilidikid (Lola and Billy the Kid) (Lola + Bilidikid) Reviews

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January 12, 2012
I think that the Turkish experience in Germany has really added to that country's film culture and this is another fine addition.
½ May 27, 2009
Like [Head On], tragic stories about social outcast- Turks immigrants in Germany, homosexual, transvestites, hustler. It surely looked stereotyped & cheesy sometimes but sorta neat & decent overall.
March 21, 2009
it show me how to do pace whit out war
May 12, 2008
I wish sometimes that gay films would just be a bout a story, no need for messages to be disseminated just good old story. The Str8's have done it for years, and it's worked so far.

I love this movie, for being just that a story. The msg is about love, respect understanding and faith. Too bad i took so long to watch this.. Kudos.
March 14, 2008
stagey, earnest and full of Berlin. Indie queer cinema at its best.
February 5, 2008

Maybe other people will find this move a work of art or something like that, but for me, it was no more than a Turkish soap opera but in German. The plot was okay, but the whole development throughout the movie does not have the effect intended and at times it makes it look like a cartoon full of clich├ęs and stereotypes. The macho older brother who is secretly gay, the gay brother who is openly gay, the meek and submissive younger brother. I do have to say, at least the idea of having 3 sons, all of them gay, was original. As for the rest, not a movie I would recommend at all.
½ April 30, 2006
wanna see this again--it's been awhile
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