London Town Reviews

November 20, 2017
If you're a fan of British music-themed dramas, London Town is right up your alley.
November 30, 2016
The story of the Clash is a fascinating one, and spotlighting a kid inspired by, but not a part of, the punk milieu has plenty of potential. But "London Town" just never burns brightly enough.
October 13, 2016
As contrived as "London Town" is - with a derivative coming-of-age story and improbable, fateful encounters between a struggling teen and Clash frontman Joe Strummer - there is something here of the group's early, principled spirit.
October 7, 2016
The movie's impersonal, conventional telling of a reasonably standard male coming-of-age story almost tends to make the punk milieu it depicts beside the point.
October 6, 2016
The raw vigor and protest of punk get co-opted by the movie's coming-of-age story; it's not the heartfelt sweetness that's the chief problem, but how run-of-the-mill and derivative the plot is.
October 6, 2016
The era's skinhead riots and striking workers - and Strummer's biting, pro-immigrant lyrics - are never more than window dressing in a movie that would rather scatter fairy dust than grit.
October 6, 2016
"London Town," to borrow from a certain foursome, isn't "burning with boredom," but neither is it exactly "calling."
October 5, 2016
It's extremely likable, but sentimental is the last thing a tale about growing up poor and angry in working-class, late-1970s England should strive to be.
October 3, 2016
The film evinces a clear-eyed sense of the limits that a capitalistic society places on its working class.