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½ May 18, 2015
Some cool looking fight scenes but a stupid story overall with some very bad acting.
March 21, 2015
wake up people is very good movie,is difrent to the all movie im se,
A confused end not save if I stay alive he seems to stay alive great nice job.
½ July 25, 2012
Really, this is not so legendary a movie, in fact, the dvd case shows a guy with a sword, and the assassin in the movie never actually uses one, so that, plus the action in this sucks, so not legendary indeed.
Super Reviewer
½ July 7, 2012
After enduring two drama this week I decided to treat myself to a martial art movie. It was better than The Forger and Butterfly, but not by much.

Legendary Assassins is about a mysterious assassin who friends a cop. The plot is very thin and filled with cliche. It lacks any real interesting characters and is more focus on the violence. The martial art sequences are pretty good, though a little too much wire works take it out of reality and reminds you that you're watching a movie. I did enjoy the climax in which Jacky WU Wing fights off against a large numbers of henchmen, unfortunately it's in the rain like so many other fights. The ending leaves something to be desired as it doesn't really resolve all the plot-lines. The plot is simply a mess where the only good is the action, which is not enough for most viewers.

Jacky Wu makes an excellent leading man and showcases some impressive fighting skills. Though he should never get behind the camera as he clearly lacks experience and knowledge on how to do it well. The supporting cast are downright forgettable, unless of there punching someone for no good reason. The supporting cast are is not good, but they're not annoying to be fair. In the end, violence without plot is the only positive.

Legendary Assassins is not so legendary lacking in plot and good cast. With violence in the movie being the only positive, you're better off checking out some other movie.
June 18, 2012
Despite the bad reviews here for this movie, I think the fight scenes alone make this worth watching. Also despite the fact I had to read subtitles.
½ June 2, 2012
Oh god, this film had such a shitty plot. This script was so crappy that even a 5 year old could write a more decent one. The characters are nothing that you would care about.They're all so uninteresting. It was missing a lot of substance with the characters and script. The wierd thing is the film moves at a fast pace, which in this film is a bad thing. They don't handle it very well and it doesn't seem realistic at times. For example, the relationship development happens to quickly between Wu Jing and Celina Jade, and you start to question if there bond would grow so fast. The fight scenes were good though. The finale of the film was pretty epic. All in all, this is an ok martial arts flick, but it ain't anything of depth and substance.
January 20, 2012
Great martials arts and stunts by Wu Jing, but the isn't much the story can offer with this film.
October 26, 2011
There are really only 3 fights and the romantic aspect is contrived. But, the fights are good, it's well directed and relatively interesting.
½ May 5, 2011
trop bon y a pas a dire les scenes daction sont sublimes et le senario aussi
March 27, 2011
½ February 6, 2011
:) I really enjoyed this female. Had a great storyline and moved at a decent pace. The acting was pretty good too. Wonderful martial arts as well :) .
February 1, 2011
Great action, cool characters, easy plot to follow even though it's all sub-titled. I enjoy Kung Fu Flicks so... ;-) I still watched it, tired and all! & Wu Jung is cool with me. LOL
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January 13, 2011
The 1st fight scene seemed like it was straight out of a video game with the main character going to battle it out with the big boss.Other then that, I mainly found it to be a boring Kung Fu flick.There were some parts that were alright but way more that were just crappy
½ January 8, 2011
i could not get the english version to work on the dvd so i rated it low.
October 19, 2010
To say Jacky Wu (Wu-Jing) should be a bigger star than he is would be like saying Sarah Palin wouldn't make a very good president. They're both massive understatements any way you slice it. Proving himself in Fatal Contact and SPL (don't call it Kill Zone or HK nerds will yell at you impotently) Jing showed that he could play both hero and villain well enough to hold your interest more effectively than a thousand CW model/actor clones.

Add in SPL rip-off Fatal Move (which is actually not that bad) and Drunken Monkey, and you've already got a very decent action star resume. We'll see if he ever makes the transition to top star, but for now we'll have to settle for Legendary Assassin.

Don't let that fool you into thinking Legendary Assassin is tame or subpar in any way. It ends up being a fun, albeit inconsequential, martial arts potboiler.

Jing plays Bo, a badass hitman with a slight conscience. Although we never see him actually assassinate more than one person, we are led to believe he only pulls Dexters and lays off whacking nice folks. The one assassination in question is Chairman Ma, a stock scumbag crimelord holing up on an island with his requisite band of thugs. Of course, Bo annihilates them and lops off Ma's head before the titles even show up. The real story kicks in after he takes the head as proof of a job well done and hoofs it for the last ferry off the island before a typhoon arrives.

Well, it wouldn't be a movie if he actually made the ferry, right? Well, alright, it would probably end up being some kind of movie; who the hell knows what, though...

Apparently, Chairman Ma's wifey (Kara Hui) is a you-know-what on rollerskates and wants the head with body accessory back. Enter HK mainstay Suet Lam as an underboss with a complete squad of goons in tow. They make it on the island via the last ferry and now both Bo and the bad guys are on the island. The movie should pretty much just write itself at this point, right?

That's where Legendary Assassin actually ends up being a bit of a pleasant surprise. Instead of going for the usual cat-and-mouse-with-a-natural-disaster-looming chestnut, they actually have Bo hanging out and getting to know the local cops. Yup, because, you know, he's a good hitman. A nice one. They'll never suspect him because he has manners, you know. Actually, he really is suspected later on which is a plus for the cops and serves as a reminder that some movies (both East and West) are laughably bad in the believability department. Hmmm. A crime kingpin's body is missing his head and this newcomer is always carrying that bag around that could definitely fit a head. Hmmm.

The scenes with him getting to know the affable cops (except for the token dickhead) are amazingly enjoyable and not woefully expositional or forced with over-sentimentality. He shows up, they have dinner, he cooks for them because he eats all their food, he chit-chats a bit, and that's about it. Nice and simple; a welcome respite before the rest of the action.

Another thing is that Bo is ridiculously powerful. When two of the cops go check out a noise disturbance and eventually stumble on Ma's body and a squad of goofs guarding him, Jing is of course following them and wipes them out just by sneezing lightly. This comes into play later in the Shane-like finale. If I spoiled that for you, then you've either never seen an "assassin with a heart of gold" movie or you're just an idiot.

One last thing is Celina Jade. Armed with Sandra Bullock-ish beauty and a spunk and sass that feels neither phony nor insipid, she actually makes a great complement to Jing's friendly but taciturn cleaner. I mean, they meet when he saves her from an attempt to get her cat out of a tree. I think that's some sort of requirement option in Asian movie romances. As a cop who's not afraid to throw a few kicks and punches in the heat of battle, she's a refreshing change of pace from the two-note action female buffet of either cranky bad girls who belittle men or the squawking, insufferable damsels in distress that litter lesser action movies like Dip'n Dots cups at a theme park.

Most of the fights are assuredly fun to watch, especially an early scene where Bo realizes he's stuck on the island and meets Celina Jade's cop character Hiu Wor. She awkwardly instigates a fight with three alleged crooks on the run and naturally Jing steps in to give her some assistance. Two of the guys would make Andre the Giant look like Herve Villechaize on a cold day and the main guy just eats noodles while the pounding ensues. It's a fast and fun fight that feels both exhilarating and brutal. There are three or four other fights that are well done but too short to remark on memorably. It all leads to a final fight with Bo taking on a hundred or so of the female boss's henchmen while Hiu is forced to watch. It's a good fight for sure, but not overwhelmingly awesome like the Burly Brawl in Matrix Reloaded, the Crazy 88 massacre in Kill Bill, or the bone-breaking orgy in The Protector (Tom Yum Goong).

Jing commits himself to the role of Bo well and actually brings depth to an admittedly shallow part that would have been laughable in the hands of so many other folks (see: Cage, Nicolas; Bangkok Dangerous (2008)). All we know is Bo is a conscientious assassin who likes to eat. A lot. And Jing takes that and runs with it as far as he can given the typical trope constraints of the genre.

Throw in Bo's gluttonous rendezvous in a noodle shop, a chance encounter with another main character, bowling ball switcheroos and a clear disregard for watching calorie intake on the part of Bo and you've got enough to keep you interested for barely ninety minutes.

If you haven't checked out the great Fatal Contact, then you might not know who Jacky Wu is. First of all, shame on you. Second of all, what are you waiting for? Another Transporter movie? You have no idea what you're missing.

October 17, 2010
The plot was very weak, no idea what the main point of the story was! But Jacky Wu was unreal as usual!
½ August 17, 2010
You look violent even when you eat

Bo Tong Lam is a roaming assassin who is carrying a piece of evidence in his bag. A local police officer befriends Bo and utilizes him to help solve some local cases. As their investigations heat up, it becomes apparent that Bo may be a primary suspect. Is Bo responsible for a local crime or are the police woman?s colleagues overlooking some vital clues?

?I want you to return my husband?s head.?

Chung Chi Li, who worked on the Rush Hour 1 & 2, No More Mr. Nice Guy, The Tuxedo, Shanghai Knights, Fatal Contact, and Invincible Targets projects, delivers Legendary Assassin in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is interesting and well delivered; however, the action scenes were scarce and not as plentiful as I had hoped. The acting was better than average and the cast includes Jacky Wu (Invisible Target, SPL, and Drunken Monkey) and Celina Jade.

?Do you think God forgives us for what we?ve done in the past??

I am a huge Jacky Wu fan and have obtained as many of his movies as possible. I will probably obtain The Mummy 3 since I just discovered that he is in that picture as well. Fatal Contact, Tai Chi Master 2, and Invincible Target are both magnificent pictures and he was great in SPL (which was an above average movie). Nevertheless, the action scenes were too scarce for a film that finds itself in the martial arts genre. This is only worth watching if you are a fan of Jacky Wu who focused more on acting than action in this picture.

?Your fried eggs and tomatoes tastes like crap.?

Grade: C
June 25, 2010
The plot was shitty, but the fight scenes were quite good.
April 8, 2010
a so so movie in my opinion. there are some fantastic fight scenes and stunts, the final fight of the film is amazing, but this film is consistently bogged down by cheesy music and dialog that really take you out of the movie and make you care less and less about the characters. jacky wu is a really exciting actor to watch and hopefully there are some more great action films to see him in. his fight scene with donnie yen in 'killzone' is incredible.
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