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July 28, 2013
I loved this movie but the ending ruined the whole movie!!! Very disappointed :/
June 2, 2012
They do a excellent job of hiding the killers identity, but I'm not sure if the end should be considered a twist or cheap trick.
½ December 2, 2011
Not too bad for a B movie.
July 10, 2011
Excrutiatingly overacted on the part of Monica Keena. Not much in the suspense department, and the ending is basically a cop-out. There were not enough clues given to have you make the leap that brings you to that point. Would have been a fair psychological thriller had Keena's acting been toned down a notch and the ending been at least somewhat more believable within the context of the rest of the movie. Give it a pass.

You wrote this on 9/10/08.
½ December 16, 2010
a smart, effective thriller
it's like 'When A Stranger Calls' amped up to a more creepy level
Monica Keena's acting is spot-on terrific
the film's lighting I admired alot too
just a few minor gripes I had: the music is out of focus, there's some unnecessary melodrama, and the twist at the end is stil just a tad confusing
other than that this is a very errie film that plays on the caller-stalker scenario
½ August 11, 2010
Interesting twist...
½ August 11, 2010
Monica seems to be doing the best with what she's been given, but the plot is just too clich├ęd for me to actually care for the movie that much. It didn't help that the character of Nicole was so insanely stupid that I couldn't care less if she lived or died. Add to this the fact that the movie,while only an hour and a half, seemed to drag on & a twist ending that adds insult to injury. All in all moderately well-acted but tedious movie with an awful ending.
July 4, 2010
A smart, suspenseful, thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat and uneasy without the excessive use of fake blood many horror/thriller movies rely on.

The characters are well crafted, likable, and interesting enough to help you get involved in the story. There is some excellent camera work that helps to heighten the sense of slowly approaching doom. The pace was steady and smooth. The ending was a pleasant surprise as well.

Definately a film to see.
December 12, 2009
Didn't care much for any of the performances. The ending wasn't to bad, but the rest of the movie was to mundane to make it worth while watching.
½ April 12, 2009
i think its really suspenseful :P i liked the movies its really cool
October 2, 2008
This movie had a good storyline idea, but the movie ruined it. It had bad acting, and the movie wasn't very good, until the end, at which point it just turned horrible. The twist at the end was so confusing. I had no idea what happened.
September 6, 2008
I would call this an entertaining film at the most, but not too clever. I kind of figured out the ending midway through the film when I realized they never showed what the girl's ex-bf looks like in the photo. The fact that the entire film takes place in one building is very good, because it works and is good for production purposes. The climax "reveal" wasn't very well executed though, all of a sudden she's not in the hospital and just walking down the hallway. Overall an OK film.
June 16, 2008
this was a good movie..i actually had to change my text messaging sound..it sounded like the phone in the movie
May 26, 2008
Really good film! I guess i'm one of the few people who actually thought that this low budget movie was really clever. Fantastic storyline and whilst I was expecting some kind of twist like all of these types of films have, I wasn't expecting that!
½ January 30, 2008
Cheesy, terribly cheesy, and not even the Kraft's singles type, more like the cheese paste in a can type of cheesy.
January 28, 2008
Not a bad film. Looks very cheap though and the acting, at times is poor IMO. A good storyline with a nice little twist at the end. Worth a watch if you've nothing better to do.
January 8, 2008
Upon a visit to Rogers Video, I noticed this film sitting all on its own, and figured that it would be another one of those "When A Stranger Calls" knock offs, but thankfully, it was totally different.

I will honestly say this was one of those films that with the right ammount of money in their budget, this could have actually made it to theatres and done all right for itself. It was by far a better story, with a bigger twist than "When A Stranger Calls" and had the perfect ingredients for a film that could have had legs at the box office.

One star here for the acting. In alot of the straight to DVD films, the acting is the first to see the effects of budget cutting and poor support. However, all the actors and actresses were well casted and well executed.

One star for orginality of plot, along with a good surprise twist ending. This is something I've been waiting to see for a long time, and I finally got the chance to see this on screen. Everything stuck together perfectly with the glue of the backstory, and allowed for the twist to be executed without a hitch, and without loose ends.

One star for thrill factor, and a good pace overall. Not too hokey with the side love story- to be honest, the pace was done well for that because I actually kept thinking to myself "these two definitely have something there...right?!" but overall, well done in that department. The thrills were fun- nothing over the top.

In the end, I was extremely satisfied with this film for what it was. Straight to DVD films are always hit or miss, and there's bound to be some real gems out there. I'm not saying this is one of those "gems" but this was definitely like finding a 5 dollar bill on the street. It's not something that will impact you completely, but it still brightens your day, and that's what "Long Distance" did.
December 30, 2007
this wasn't actually that bad of a movie.. despite the ending being very screwed up, the movie was pretty decent.
½ December 10, 2007
Not too bad for a B movie.
½ November 14, 2007
super good movie, but the ending was too confusing.
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