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April 12, 2014
Probably the most underrated sports film of all time top 5 baseball films of all time i recommend anyone who is a baseball fan should watch this film
February 14, 2014
Really a terrific movie.

4 November 2005

How can anyone ever expect to top Long Gone as a baseball film? From Virginia Madsen's brilliant and tawdry rendition of the National Anthem in the opening scenes to the Tampico Stogies all looking "Handsomer than sh*t" as the movie closes, this movie delivers strong messages about life, bigotry, reality, romance, and life on a bus in the minor leagues. To me, this film left movies like "Bull Durham" in the dust.

Transitioning back and forth between an almost cavalier approach to the game in the 50s and the harsh reality of deep south racism, Long Gone tosses humor or compassion in at exactly the right moment to keep the situation from getting out of hand. I favorably compare "Long Gone" to "Slap Shot" (another of my favorites) in taking an irreverent look at life through the travails of those who dwell just under "the show." Yes, the clichés are there, but the writing is both intelligent and clever and the acting at times brilliant. Besides, how can any movie with the song "Red Hot" by Billy Riley in the soundtrack not be revered by all? I only wish it would come out on DVD soon.
March 31, 2013
If ever there was a movie that deserved to be released on Deev or blu-ray, this just might be it.
October 16, 2012
An underappreciated baseball movie due to its HBO-only release and extremely limited DVR availability. Set in 1957, "Long Gone" focuses on a former phenom, injured in World War 2, managing a cellar-dwelling independent minor league team. Add a husband-hungry beauty queen, a coming-of-age young player in love with a religious local girl and an African-American player disguised as a South American to appease the racially-divided "Alabama-Florida" league. How could the Tampico Stogies not lose?
March 25, 2011
One of the best baseball movies out there.
January 25, 2011
If you have like Bull Durham, Major League, The Rookie or any other baseball movie, you will love this one. This movie was made when writing was still an art form and actors were still acting. Even though it has so-called B actors in the line-up, this movie can easily be called one of the best baseball and sports movies of ALL-TIME. For some reason Bull Durham was made the instant classic, because of Kevin Costner, this one will bat the rest out of the ball park. Watch out for the quick one liners.
September 20, 2010
This is one of the top 5 baseball movies ever made. Ranks right up there with movies like Bull Durham, Major League, Field of Dreams, and The Natural. A fictional team set in the 40s this movie deals with the highs and lows of a minor league baseball player and some of the issues of the time like Racism and overcoming adversity. The characters are extremely well written, well devloped and likeable. Any baseball player or baseball fan will love this movie and most will appreciate it for its light comedy, underdog story and overall fun "guy movie" feel. A must see for all baseball fans.
½ February 18, 2008
This is a classic flick that quite possibly is my favorite baseball or even sports movie of all time and is a very underrated effort. It could be filed into the category of one of the best films you haven't seen and one of the best HBO films ever produced. The movie stars three would be stars: William Peterson (highest paid TV show character actor -- $500,000 per episode), Virginia Madsen, and Dermot Mulroney. All three nail there parts. Peterson, as Stud Cantrell (great name), is the classic career minor leaguer and champion among his teammates; Madsen as the sexy and fast Dixie Lee Boxx (great name) who tries to make Stud into an honest man, while becoming an honest woman; and Mulroney as Jamie Weeks--the green as hell (sorry, heck) country boy who plays a mean second base and idolizes Stud, threatening his captivating innonence and subsequentally his country charm. The movie has a wonderfully backyard, old school baseball feel to it. [i]Long Gone[/i] deals with some pretty serious issues with some fun and a lot of humor along the way. (Luckily Peterson did not turn the role down -- as he did star roles in [i]Platoon, Goodfellas, and Heat.[/i]) Peterson has been quoted as saying [i]Long Gone [/i]is the most fun he has ever had making a film and you can quote me as saying that it is (almost) the most fun I have ever had watching one.
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