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February 18, 2012
February 27, 2009
It has a nice message, and despite the fact that I feel he's been totally emasculated over the years, Cube remains a solid actor.
February 12, 2009
Durst's surprisingly gentle and understated direction lends the proceedings authenticity even when they cover the most pro forma ground.
December 19, 2008
Ice Cube brings his family film "A" game to The Longshots
November 20, 2008
A winner for the whole family.
October 18, 2008
September 5, 2008
It's rare to see a well-made movie that empowers young girls the way this one does. So who am I to complain about the plot being formulaic?
September 4, 2008
It's a by-the-numbers Hollywood movie, but a surprisingly competent one.
August 29, 2008
...sensitive, well-attuned performances [from] Ice Cube and [Keke] Palmer...
August 28, 2008
The most surprising thing about the inspirational sports movie The Longshots is not that there isn't already an inspirational sports movie with that exact name. The big shock is that the director Fred Durst -- and he doesn't do half bad.
August 24, 2008
A pleasant, if predictable, tale of female empowerment ideal for the under ten set.
August 22, 2008
Well, at least the underdog formula has gotten so tight that we can wrap these things up in under 90 minutes.
August 22, 2008
We're left with an unforced, sweet-natured story about people who find small ways to touch others and rediscover the good in themselves.
August 22, 2008
The Longshots is a likable enough Cinderella story, one whose heart is clearly in the right place, even if it winds up on its sleeve once too often.
August 22, 2008
This genuinely affecting movie, based on a true story, has a heart as big as a football field even when its plot points are telegraphed.
August 22, 2008
Its charms, however slight or familiar, are present and its family-friendly characters and dialogue are refreshing.
August 22, 2008
Durst keeps the story rooted in the desperation of a dying town, and that gives this formulaic family fare a slight edge.
August 22, 2008
The film works so well because the sports elements are the least important.
August 22, 2008
If I've seen one movie about a team of underdogs, I've seen a dozen. But I hadn't seen The Longshots before.
August 21, 2008
Director Fred Durst, yes you are reading that correctly, made a very noticeable debut with this true story that is full of cliches but a ton of heart.
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