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March 20, 2011
For those who enjoy Irish Dancing, this is the perfect movie. It is the epitome of why people dance. The passion and love of dancing is evident in every number and there is no doubt left in your mind about the quality of the show. The sounds are spot on and Michael Flatley still manages to have never ending energy and enthusiasm. Everyone of those dancers love what they do and they are darn good at it too.
November 13, 2010
THE absolute BEST stage performance that I have ever seen, bar none!
April 25, 2010
ok this may be cheating, i did not see the movie but i caught the lord of the dance performance at the ferguson center last nite. it was capital Awesome. i am not sure if ever saw a performance where the entire crew seemed totally jacked up and lovin their performance as much as the audience. i have some technical questions to ponder . . . were the ladies wearing wigs? those were some impressive do's. and do you ever suspect there is really only step/dance move for the irish dance, they just move around on stage and sometimes speed up or slow down. i am just saying . . .

also, i had a very pleasant swedish date as an extra bonus
February 25, 2010
i never really got to know what the story was, except that they had great music and beats to nod your head to.
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