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½ March 14, 2010
This movie was truly sent from another dimension just to torment us. The concept is horrific and the special effects are worse than those found in Nick Arcade. In the movie they make fun of community theater and I was thinking ... uh ... "Isn't that what you guys are?"

Probably the funniest thing about this whole movie is the fact that Brendan Dillon Jr. plays Salatin, the Lord of Magick. Why is this funny? I'll tell you. Never before or after did Brendan Dillon Jr. act. That means that this guy came out of nowhere, accepted the role, tried really hard to be a sadistic psychopath sorcerer and failed so badly that he never acted professionally AGAIN! I guess that's just a sign that there is justice in the universe but I find it all extremely amusing.

I'd love to tell you all something about something really interesting or funny that happens in the movie but I've got nothing. Literally, the funniest thing that happens in the whole movie is this scene where the young wizards are in Tommy's apartment. They're all having drinks and in mid sentence Tommy opens a can of pop. Normally this would be no big deal but the sound dominates the scene and you can see a huge spray of released gas and pop go flying. I've never seen that before. Why would you want to include something like that in your movie? Another bad thing I just remembered is this scene where Salatin magically makes a car come alive and chase after our heroes. The only problem is you can clearly see someone driving it!

This is not the worst movie you will ever see but it's definitely down there. I'd put it in my bottom 25 all time probably.

So in conclusion what's the worst part about this movie? I own it.
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