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½ July 23, 2014
Like most of Meyer's films there is actually some artistic merit here, but mostly it's just boring.
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June 1, 2012
Jim (James Rucker) is married to Lorna (Lorna Maitland), one of director Russ Meyer's typical restless, bra-busting vixens. While Lorna scowls at home, Jim literally works in the salt mines with two leering cretins who spend most of their energy fantasizing about Lorna and resenting Jim for snaring her first. But when a macho convict (Mark Bradley) escapes from prison and comes across Lorna bathing nude in the bayou, sparks inevitably fly between the two. What will happen if Jim returns from work and catches them in the act?

"Lorna" is an early Meyer film (sorry, the breasts are in black-and-white and mostly shown from the side) and, arguably, it's his first to show some professional polish. His later humor is missing, and the only real laugh comes from a totally unnecessary shot of a cloaked "Death" figure. "The Seventh Seal," this ain't. The film does contain another example of Meyer's quirkiest trademark: the grandiose onscreen narrator. In this case, it's a stern preacher (James Griffith) who draws a parallel between this story and the Biblical tale of Lot's wife.
½ September 18, 2009
A Russ Meyer Sexploitation Movie about a Woman who can't get satisfied by her boring Husband one Day she get raped by a Escaped Convict and that satifies her so she get his Woman now it's a Parabel on the 60's with its outbreaking Sexuality
June 11, 2009
Though a lesser Russ Meyer film, Lorna is still a grade above most b-movies. It?s stylish, well made and clever, fitting well within Meyer?s oeuvre. The story of a sexually frustrated housewife, the film begins with a strange and ironic ?man of God?, telling us to be careful not to judge, because it is not our place to condemn. Those who indulge in this behaviour, will be judged and condemned far harsher than those who remain passive, and live for themselves and for God. The buxom Lorna has been married one year to her husband, who is shy, and has never satisfied her sexually. She cannot ask him to change, because he never listens, or is just too timid to discuss sex. One day while he is at work, she meets a stranger (who she is not aware has just escaped from prison), who tries to rape her, but she ends up relenting to his advances and enjoying the experience. Being so suddenly awaken sexually, she hangs onto the stranger, helping him, feeding him and sheltering him? all with the hopes that she will feel the bliss of orgasm again. Meanwhile, at work, her husband is being teased unrelentingly by his co-workers over his lacklustre sexual appetite, and suggest that his wife is having an affair.

Like many of Meyer?s films, Lorna deals with hypocrisy and the connection between sex and violence. It?s hardly his most accomplished film in this regard, though it hints at greater ideas that he explores with more skill in his best work. The touch on religion is introduced in the beginning and the end, first offering the peaceful though warning, words of God, to his final return as he condemns Lorna for her actions. The irony is obvious, though it does require a bit of thoughtfulness on the audience?s part, remembering his message from the onset right until the end and how it has transformed over the course of the narrative. Though in many of Meyer?s films, his women meet untimely ends, it?s rarely with any kind of joy? but a sort of wink at our society?s unforgiving and repressive attitudes about sex, especially when it comes to women. The sex and violence come together through both the husband and the escaped convict, the former being sexually meek, but physically able, while the former being sexually powerful, as well as violent and sadistic. What becomes difficult, is how to differentiate their sexual attitudes, the husband is not an accomplished lover and doesn?t even attempt to rectify the situation. He seems to love his wife, but he sees his sexual needs above hers, even though he would sacrifice a great deal in order to make her happy. The convict is an escaped criminal, up for murder and robbery, he has no conscious, and yet he is very willing and able to satisfy Lorna. It seems just as motivated by ego and need however, the need to satisfy both his sexual urges, as well as controlling and earning compliments/praise from Lorna. It?s also important to re-iterate that he did first try to rape her, her enjoyment was a lucky chance, not something he had ever expected or even perhaps wanted.

The best part of the film are as Lorna recounts the last year or two before the current situation. An interesting montage of churches, water, and clothes create a very sensual and evocative experience. The film?s major failure perhaps, is the lack of a strong female lead. Meyer?s best films have characters like Margo Winchester or Varla, and though appropriately busty, Lorna is a flat performer and rather uninteresting.
December 12, 2008
Not as balls-out crazy as "Mudhoney," but still great in its own way. Hal Hopper was a god among sons-of-bitches, and Lorna Maitland was born to play the ultimate desperate housewife.
½ March 26, 2008
I can't tell you how much I loved this movie.
½ December 28, 2007
Brilliant melodrama/thriller from Russ Meyer which is perhaps his best film. Lorna Maitland is impressive in the title role. Unmissable.
December 25, 2007
Probably the best Russ Meyer movie. Good story and other fun exploitation.
December 14, 2007
The sexiest film in Russ Meyers entire canon. And that is really saying something!
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November 23, 2007
Completely ridiculous and hokey, but with any Russ Meyer flick, you're not going to get much else than big boobs and a flimsy plot. And Lorna is no exception. The only things Lorna has going for it are Maitland's freakishly buoyant breasts, some decent cinematography, goofy characters (namely Jonah) and an amusing final ten minutes. It's nowhere nearly as good as Faster Pussycat or Mudhoney but if you're in a 60s b-movie kind of mood you probably won't be too disappointed.
½ October 26, 2007
Rape fantasy and morality play together at last. WTF?
October 8, 2007
Right up there with Mudhoney, if not even a little better. RULES.
½ July 25, 2007
Russ Meyer loves him some titties.
½ July 15, 2007
A very special Russ Meyer Film. It marked the start of his southern Gothic phase in which, to my opinion, is his best work. This is not a cheap or sleazy topless affair like other nude Meyer films like Mondo Topless or Mr. Teas or even Go. Great situations and unforgiving. Raw and real and hard to believe this was made in '64. Not for everyone, but it should be. If only movies these day had balls like this.
July 9, 2007
Russ Meyer = Big Boobed Woman and little else (got nothing against it but be nice to have a decent film too)
January 22, 2007
kool as i might wanna see lol of course i wanna see it
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