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September 19, 2009
Si no es la peor... es de las peores peliculas que en mi vida eh visto!!
August 27, 2009
Incredibly slow moving movie (some static shots last 4 or 5 minutes!!). The dreadful pace leads upto a horrific scene in the final 15 minutes that is truly shocking. I couldn't help but think the writers came up with that scene and how to shoot, then built a movie around it. Still, even though the pace was tiring and seemed like nothing was going on, I found myself interested in the two main characters.
August 23, 2009
Esperava algo totalmente diferente, li uma sinopse que dizia que o filme era bem violento, mas no final das contas só o final é violento. De resto é um filme lento, até porque busca retratar um cotidiano entediante, angustiante, de mexicanos buscando trabalho nos EUA.
½ August 18, 2009
Festival de Cannes - Selection officielle - Un certain regard.
Film vraiment bizarre, le realisateur est assez weirdo...Moyen.
August 10, 2009
A lengthy and laconic opening sequence sets the tone for this 'neo-realistic' tale of two border-crossers walking headlong into a terrifying deed. With a contemporary take on the old adage that "the grass isn't always greener", this is a story that will take time to deliver its message of desperation, helplessness and lost of hope. The experimental nature of the movie also forces the viewer to experience every nuances experienced by the characters involved. Sparse and laconic in dialogue, punctuated by acts of extreme violence, this is uncomfortable meditative viewing.
August 9, 2009
de verdad que no acabo de encontrarle sentido a una película mexicana que criminaliza a los migrantes.
½ August 1, 2009
Entretenida aún cuando la película tiene este ritmo detenido característico de Amat Escalante y Carlos Reygadas, sin embargo el parecido con Funny Games de Haneke es innegable y parece que el "homenaje" a veces es una copia, sobre todo la parte de la música de los créditos. Interesante ver como se mexicaniza esta historia que al final sale bien librada.
July 27, 2009
I always wondered what a shotgun shell would do to a person's head.
July 25, 2009
oh mon dieu comme c'est naaaazeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
July 21, 2009
HAHAHA! How stereotypical can you get? I can't wait for Los Chinos, Negros y Los Gringos!
July 12, 2009
Reminds me of Funny Games!!! Which I love(d)!! Checkin; this one out!
June 23, 2009
No thanks, even though I would enjoy saying the movie's title over and over again!
June 23, 2009
Dah download tp lum tgk lg
June 22, 2009
all i have to say to this is WTH!
½ June 22, 2009
den to exw dei alla exw gnwrisei pollous
June 21, 2009
ala bang 'Las Bastardas'???...hahahaha!!!;P
June 20, 2009
I bet this is a brilliant film.I'm giving it 5 stars before I've seen it 'cos I reckon it's a good one
June 19, 2009
I like the title. Not enough to want to read the synopsis.
June 19, 2009
Potential good suspense...........?
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