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½ September 24, 2011
Un poco lenta en general, pero hacia el final se va poniendo interesante. La aprición de Paz Vega es, en verdad, de los puntos favor de la película.
April 22, 2010
Finally! Somebody made a movie about the infamous Borgia family! This is a subject that deserves film treatment, and Antonio Hernandez does an excellent job in telling the tale of the scandalous Borgia family of late 15th Century Rome.

When thinking of the name Borgia, most people tend to instantly think of Lucrezia, but usually for the wrong reasons. Unlike the legends that have sprung up about her, Lucrezia was not a rampant poisoner. This film actually takes on this more realistic form of her. The nastiness of the family truly does lie in the male members of her family, especially her father Rodrigo (Pope Alexander VI) and her brother Cesare. This, too, is portrayed well in the film. They are a wacky family, very ambitious and living in very troubled times, but always larger-than-life.

The technical aspects of the film also deserve praise. From the details of the sets and locations to the costumes and props, everything helps to recreate the world of late- Renaissance Italy.

My one complaint about this movie is the exaggerated importance of Caterina Sforza. However, I suppose the film makers wanted the actress Paz Vega to have something substantial for her involvement with the film.
December 11, 2009
Man no one does steamy royal period dramas like the Spanish (well except maybe the French) : ) Paz actually just has a small supporting role and doesn't even appear for an hour, but there's plenty of backstabbing & au naturelle courtesans to keep the eyes open . . .
March 10, 2008
an accomplishent for spanish cinema!!!
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