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½ May 12, 2010
A very sweet and touching movie. Extremely intense emotionally. I really didn't know who to root for... the adoptive mom or the real mom. I liked them both and felt for both.
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August 8, 2012
So sad! I cried a couple times. Very good acting and a great story.
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½ January 28, 2008
Good film, great performance by Halle Berry.
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½ December 15, 2007
A remarkable movie!
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½ September 9, 2007
Very emotional - hard to determine what side you're on
December 29, 2010
The mood this movie creates is wonderful. I literally cried for this movie. I'm not someone who cries often, especially not because of movies, but this one moves me. Seeing both side of family love the boy so much. What pain it must be for them to lose him to someone else. Great plot and great cast, too, except for the father.
½ July 14, 2009
I got dragged to see this one and it turned out to not be that bad...It didn't hurt that it had Halle in it"
October 13, 2008
what a good movie i cried when i saw that movie who puts a baby in the dumpster this is lyfe not a game or toy.
½ April 17, 2008
Should an African-American child be raised by Anglo-American parents? This is the perplexing question raised in Stephen Gyllengaal's tragic "Losing Isaiah", the story of the desperate custody battle between the white adoptive parents and the black biological mother of little four year old Isaiah. Khaila Richards has discovered that the baby she left in a cardboard box is still alive and lays claim to him, stating that he should not be raised by parents of a differing colour. Margaret and Charles Lewin will not concede without a fight though, and they enlist an African-American attorney to represent their cause. Based on the novel by Seth J. Margolis, the film sees baby Isaiah being abandoned by his drug addict black mother Khaila Richards in a bin shortly after his birth. He is found and taken to hospital where Margaret Lewin, a white doctor caring for him, decides to adopts him as her own child. Isaiah fits well into the Lewin family despite hailing from a different racial background and he grows into a happy, cherished little boy. But four years later, Khaila is back on the scene demanding custody of her son back now that she is clean. And it seems the Lewins' have a fight on their hands to keep the child since the family court system not only favours children being returned to their parents but also the idea of people only being allowed to foster/adopt children of the same racial background as themselves. The quality of acting was excellent from all members of the cast. Jessica Lange gave a great depiction as Margaret Lewin, the mother who doted on Isaiah with as much love as if she had given birth to him herself. Although, on the surface, it was quite hard to like Khaila Richards, Halle Berry gave the role substance and managed to make her an almost sympathetic character as the film went on. However, the real praise has to be reserved for the tiny Marc John Jefferies, who played Isaiah. Anyone who has ever said small children can't act or tried to excuse mediocre child acting on the basis of the child's age needs to see this boy's first-class performance despite the fact he must barely have been out of nappies when he appeared in this film. I found this film quite realistic in that respect and could completely empathise with the Lewin family's sense of helpless and disbelief as they risked losing their son to a mother who dumped him purely on the basis of they had the wrong skin colour and DNA. 'Losing Isaiah' certainly shows that a child's sense of security and love must always come first, regardless of what the biological mother wants or whether his skin tone matches his adoptive parents.
February 24, 2008
Really great movie truly a sad story but great movie if you have not wacth it yet wacth it it is as good as they make movie now days
August 20, 2007
this movie was so beautiful!
it shows how drugs can cause one to lose their child plus show that adoption can bring so much love and joy
April 4, 2007
sad and yet very loving..shows the strain that drugs can cause,the love that a child can receive from another family and the attachment a child will have on someone that takes care of them and shows endless love..and that people can change for the better over time and help.
March 24, 2007
A touching story about a mother recovering over a drug addiction and wanting her baby back ..and the nurse who Isaiah knows as his mommy..
March 19, 2007
Very good movie I loved it, Very cute but sad because UGH you just gotta see it to believe the sweet end and togetherness people have and the love they have for one child.
March 1, 2007
I liked this movie...and kind of didn't care...and was happy that I wasn't an adult in the early nineties.
February 17, 2007
A touching story about how life makes us do things we regret, gets us back on track, and causes pain for those around us.
February 11, 2007
omg a epic movie it is so sad what had happened to him and how is new mommy had to just take him out of the audience because he could not be in there cause of what had happend to him as a baby!
½ February 9, 2007
She played one helluva crackhead...but then again, in Jungle Fever she did that well with Samuel L Jackson too...
½ October 23, 2006
I enjoyed this tearful film about adoption. The saddest scene is watching the child scream "momma,Momma" as he is being taken away from the only parents he grew close to. You feel the heartbreak, just like Jessica Lange's character.

Berry and Lange go head to head, as they fight over an innocent life. This is their greatest Performance. Bravo!
June 15, 2006
Nothing really special here, but you see where Halle Berry really started to perfect her actin chops.
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