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February 24, 2019
LOVE LOVE LOVE. I am obsessed with Pride and Prejudice and of all the movies, I think they casted the characters BEST in this one. Really beautiful choices for actors and exactly how I think of the characters. I think it's a fun twist of the normal storyline. :)
March 16, 2018
If you have a sense of humour and a love of the period when Pride and Prejudice takes place this is an absolute delight.

Of COURSE there will be moments of silliness - what else could there be when you take a 21st century Jane Austen tragic and place her in the 18th century with an assignment to try to make Pride and Prejudice come out the same when one of its two main characters has been miraculously removed to 2009 Hammersmith?

The changes to Jane Austens original that this short series creates in order to make things happen are almost improvements! Wickham a heroic character? A major character with Lesbian leanings? Elizabeth Bennet lending someone her smart phone? But it works brilliantly!

Every member of the cast is perfect to pull this off and when you watch the moment where Darcy recreates Colin Firths emerging from the water, it would be good to remember this was shot in mid winter England! Poor Elliot Cowan deserved an Emmy for THAT demonstration of dedication to a role.
December 31, 2017
It's amazing how many times I can see this and yet it still feels like the first time each time. I bet they didn't expect it to be this successful when they made this low-budget film.
September 4, 2016
Paula and I really enjoyed this film. Woman from London goes back in time to the story of Pride and Prejudice. She starts to screw things but then changes.
February 1, 2016
If you love Pride and Prejudice, then you'll enjoy this whimsical take on a time traveling Londoner who finds herself plopped into the storyline.
½ October 5, 2015
Jane Austen fans will love this four part ITV (UK) mini-series in spite of the fact it turns Pride and Prejudice inside-out, upside-down and sideways. Writer Guy Andrews channels all of the sense, sensibility, pride, prejudice, and biting irony of Austen's novels perfectly (and persuasively).

Jemima Rooper as Amanda Price leads a convincing ensemble cast, not the least of whom are Elliot Cowan as Darcy, Hugh Bonneville and Alex Kingston as Mr. and Mrs. Bennet.

Released in North America as a three hour feature film on DVD (with minimal editing) - this delight seems to have eluded the North American press.
August 25, 2015
Fun idea, not always good execution. I felt it went in a few directions for some of the characters, some of their motivations didn't make any sense. I know it's a silly premise, but I didn't like where some of the characters went. Still pretty fun, and that meta Darcy in the lake moment was pretty hilarious.
May 27, 2015
A lot of fun for Austen fans, especially those familiar with the Colin Firth/Jennifer Erle version.
May 31, 2014
Well done and a different spin.
September 2, 2013
love this spin of pride and prejudice.
August 17, 2013
I loved this twist on Pride and Prejudice. I actually like it better then other pride and prejudice movies.
February 8, 2013
despite of a little bit disagree with the ending, but still it's quite entertaining :) it's every girls' dream
November 28, 2012
Amanda Price, a 21st century Jane Austen fan who is shocked when she discovers "Pride and Prejudice' character, Elizabeth Bennet in her bathroom. Elizabeth leads Amanda through a hidden doorway and suddenly she finds herself trapped in the 'real' fictional world of Pride and Prejudice, a world whose romance and manners she longs for. Everything she tries to do to get the story back on track with the "right" people
marrying each other only seems to make things worse. This works so well because for many readers a book lives on in their imagination so if you know the book at all, it's interesting and funny to see how things are changed. The recreation of the Colin Firth shirt scene is a definite highlight, as is the comedy of Alex Kingston as the irrepressible Mrs Bennet.
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½ October 22, 2012
Oh my gosh!! I absolutely LOVED this movie! I have always been in love with movies set in this time period, and to watch someone just like me actually be able to be a character in Pride and Prejudice was just so much fun to watch. What a wonderful idea, and very well done!!
September 18, 2012
jane thank god not texas interesting premise
September 14, 2012
Oh i LOVED this, i`m a huge fan of the book and (like the character) have read it so many times, After falling in love with colin firth as mr darcy anybody else would have a hard time living up to my picture of him but I fell in love with this one too, perfect aristocratic brooding etc!! I love jemima rooper, she is always a breath of fresh air and made me laugh so much! Wondeful idea for a story, and the icing on the cake Mr bennett was fantastic!!!
September 10, 2012
It was a modern spin on a period classic. I enjoyed it.
September 9, 2012
Ooh, this was an amazing movie? Or should I say show. Anyway I love the original story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy but when I watched this I began to love it even more especially because she joined the book and became a part of it which I've always wanted to do on my fave tv shows. Jump right into it and become a part of it and even better, my fave male character falls in love with me, WOW! I still like to watch it sometimes every second month :D
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August 23, 2012
Good premise but bad execution. Overall, the acting was not very good and the storyline gets a little bit ridiculous at some point with all its twists.
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½ July 28, 2012
My goodness what a strange movie. It had a great premise but I'm unsure how I feel about the execution.

Amanda is truly obsessed with "Pride and Prejudice." One day, she walks through a door and into her favorite book while Elizabeth Bennet walks into the real world.


The thing I don't like about this movie is all the hidden subplots that sort of almost ruin Jane Austen's original creation. For example, Georgianna wasn't really compromised... she threw herself on Whickham and when he refused her, she made up a story to Darcy to get back at him. Miss Bingley is actually a lesbian and Mr. Collins is a sicko who rubs himself through his pocket and sniffs his hands heartily.

The things I DO like about the book are seeing all the characters I love react when presented with a modern day woman and her culture and values. It was very realistic such as Darcy stating that he's unable to be with Amanda because she is not a virgin.

I would definitely have loved to see more of how Elizabeth was coping in the real world. That may have actually been a more interesting movie than watching Amanda try to correct all the problems that are happening around her such as Mr. Collins marrying Jane and Lydia running off with Mr. Bingley.
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