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July 26, 2017
This much meh'd about sequel to Jurassic Park was always gonna have an uphill struggle, the first one was a groundbreaking masterpiece that had become the biggest thing on the planet after all, but it really does fail in comparison in a big way. You really feel Spielberg's heart wasn't in it and you'd be right, he's even stated how univested he was in the project from the get go (He did the gruelling and powerful Amistad the same year to blow the Jurassic cobwebs off, astonishingly, he hadn't even gone into pre-production with when he finished this movie, and yet still had that movie out the same year) it really shows in fact, theres a slack. flat feeling to the movie and the plot holes are so massive and glaring it's almost absurd, like the mian point of contetion of the film that is the truly weird scene with the crashed boat, how exactly did the t-rex get out, eat everyone on the ship, and end up trapped back in that container? what the hell happened in this scene? of course if you do some detective work online, you'll find that in the script a bunch of Velociraptors were meant to have stowed away on board and eaten the crew, though this scene was scripted it was never shot but strangely they never took out or modified the aftermath of the incident, leaving the movie with a scene that's truly too odd and unexplained to ignore as just "one of those movie plot hole things". More than this are so many other strange inconsistencies and moments that if you really look at them are quite bizarre, like the exploding Humvee that leaps 400 feet in the air and lands on a tree two characters are in, leaving them to have to jump out in time, which comes off as a pale and slightly strained imitation of the "car in the tree" set piece of the first movie. There are also clearly missing effects shots in the climax (where does the t-rex go when the hanger doors are closing on the boat? and why do the stegosaurus's vanish from the scene when they are attacking Julianne Moore? you dont even see them leaving) plus you get the annoyingly precocious 90's kid character who's a total fucking nuisance you want to punch and who pleasingly dissapear's in the last act. The most glaring example of how little effort anyone really gave this film is Jeff Goldbulm, gone is the cheeky, womanising rock and roll mathematician who spiced up the first film, he just doesn't seem to be the Ian Malcom from before, rather he's just another twitchy Jeff Goldblum character (he could literally be the same character from Independence Day) all he does in the movie is be fairly useless and make cheesily laboured declarative statements ("Mommy's very angry". "Now you're John Hammond". "We should have stayed in the car". This is most of the dialogue he has, sometimes in between he seems to be just thrown into a scene and told to say whatever rambling unscripted stuff he can to fill the moment) The villain's death is really odd too, yeah he's a cold, business headed dickhole but did he really deserve the jolly John Williams scored, seemingly triumphant, nasty end he receives? did we really need that final third too? the whole t-rex in San Diego scene is filed with sloppy silliness and cringe inducing, winking moments, and the thing feels like an afterthought to the movie, even Moore and Goldblum's characters seem different, like the ending was re-shot. I really could go on, this is one tackyily put together, big budget blockbuster, that falls to pieces the more you watch it. But The Lost World, although most certainly cut price quality Spielberg, is still, after all, a lot of fun. It's a sometimes really thrilling, "people stuck on a dinosaur filled island b-movie" the effects are awesome, it's full of great set pieces, it's exciting, jumpy and scary. In short, lower tier Spielberg but sometimes top quality summer blockbuster film-making.
½ July 19, 2017
Sadly disappointing and chuck full of environmentalist propaganda. Fun to watch the dinosaurs, but the story is not worth your time.
½ July 5, 2017
Throughout the film the protagonists act more like antagonists, getting people killed to save a few dinosaurs.
½ July 1, 2017
As solid sequel to Original JP.
June 27, 2017
Spielberg remains proficient at modernizing visual effects and camera work, but the sequel to Jurassic Park deserves the original's level of plausibility, smooth direction, and coherent writing; which The Lost World never reaches.
½ June 22, 2017
Jurassic Park II is one of the worst films that I had the displeasure of seeing. The acting for the most part are terribly wooden and unintentionally hilarious, and my increasingly strong thought of murder against Moore's and Vaughn's characters because of their constant acts of dumbfuckaries forced me to stop watching this trash one hour into it.
June 1, 2017
While not nearly as thrilling as the original, The Lost World still holds up as an entertaining film.
May 16, 2017
does not have the appeal of the first movie. entertaining but predictable
May 2, 2017
most favorite Jurassic Park movie ever. Theme song is the best.
½ April 17, 2017
The movie is okay but not the best. Some scenes are very dumb, especially when they take the dinosaur in the city. But I don't hate it.
½ April 14, 2017
If they just ended the movie when they left the island. It's actually not bad otherwise.
April 2, 2017
The Lost World, is an okay film with some great actions scenes, but fails as a good sequel for Jurassic Park...
March 29, 2017
Not as good as the first one but then again there was no way it could be better then the first. I thought the plot was strong because if their really was a island like this around believe me it would go down just like it did in the movie. Where it dose lose me is when the T-Rex gets loose in San Diego I mean the action was good but they went to far with it. All in all not a bad movie just not as good as the first
March 20, 2017
Nowhere near as good as the first film and has almost nothing to do with the sequel novel upon which it's based.
March 18, 2017
I hadn't seen this since it first came out 20 years ago and I wasn't a big fan then, but decided to give it another try anyways. I like the cast which sees Jeff Goldblum returning and adds Julianne Moore and Vince Vaughn. For me, the story wasn't quite as good as it seemed to try and be more action oriented. I also missed Sam Neill's character. But, the film has it's moments and I did enjoy the animatronic dinosaurs. Worth a watch, just not that great.
March 16, 2017
as good as the first.
½ March 15, 2017
The Lost World really isn't anywhere near to being a bad movie. It's just that you could expect more from it. I really saw a lot of potential in it but it didn't use it. Just like the first Jurassic park, the CG effects are great, but that doesn't really hold up the movie by a whole lot. The plot for the movie is ok, it could've been better but the plot is just ok. The characters are pretty good but they just can't replace the cast of the first movie. Jeff Golblum is pretty good in this movie. He plays his character from the first movie and does a good job just like in the first movie. The movie is actually pretty entertaining and the end is just a load of eye candy. One thing this movie keeps is it's suspense and scary that the first movie had but just not as fresh. So overall the movie is just full of eye candy that can't fix the plot, but there are still good things about the movie that can make this movie a good welcome to the franchise. B-
March 10, 2017
"The Lost World Jurassic Park" is not a bad film, it's actually underrated. Dinosaurs look better in the span of 4 years, but is still Lacking what the first film gave. All and all Steven Spielberg gives an underappreciated film.
½ February 12, 2017
A far cry from the book. Not even charm Jeff Goldblum could lift this movie like he did with Jurassic Park.
February 10, 2017
Whilst the cinematography and dinosaur effects look great, the movie feels slower, less interesting and is littered with new characters that suffer from limited story arcs, screen time and appeal. The San Diego stuff feels very tacked on and silly and lowers the overall quality of the movie.

The real meat in the sandwich are the mostly excellent action scenes but it just isn't enough to put it on par with the previous movie from a characters and story point of view.
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