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December 11, 2012
The broadcast on television was so powerful, moving, lovely. Didn't hurt that the initiating producer was a deaf actress; the show rings with authenticity!
July 4, 2009
LOVE LOVED this movie. I felt it was so good and so real. I watched it in my American Sign Language II class, and as someone who is going into interpreting for the Deaf I really learned a lot about the history of the Deaf and the pain that happened to many families because of the ignorance of the hearing.

I really feel for the children in this movie, because although they are the only way to the hearing world for the parents, it isn't right for a child to be put into those situations, now I hope in todays world that it never happens again. For both the parents and the children. And I cannot wait to begin to interpreting for the Deaf
April 10, 2009
this movie is so heartfelt and awesome. gives a new perception of the deaf life, not jsut from the deaf themselves, but also thier offspring, trying to fit into both worlds of the hearing and the deaf. great movie. almost cried!
February 14, 2009
this is one of the best movies I have ever seen!
½ August 10, 2008
Good movie! My aunt actually plays the protagonist as a 10 year old. After seeing this one again I was amazed to see that she was in a scene with the legendary Sid Caesar!!! Wow. Anyway, a really good movie and it has a personal connection to me because my mother is a CODA. Anyway, it's a little old but the acting is top notch.
July 21, 2008
love is never silent 1985 there has deaf of parent very good show movie wonderful i love to watch there . by elaine miller
February 25, 2008
It is so wonderful, made me weep.
February 23, 2008
The best movie that I have seen.
January 11, 2008
This one is probably hard to find. But a great movie about deaf culture and hearing culture within the same family. A daughter's coming to terms with her deaf parents and discovering their value for her even though she is the "Normal" one
December 16, 2007
A great movie about deaf culture. One of my favorites.
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