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June 15, 2016
Sometimes the story is everything.. The acting was a lil stiff but you stay interested in them. First love -True love element is captivating. Black woman fighting to keep black man storyline is sad and cliche but rings a little genuine.. Length of movie scares you but keeps you engaged.
½ May 28, 2016
Not the best basketball movie to much Romance in this movie I think
½ March 29, 2016
Decent. Did not like how annoying and immature the male lead was at times. What a jerk.
February 3, 2016
Spike must have paid a Rating House for all these glowing reviews. Cliché in every way, it only gets 2 stars for production value. Not so convincing basketball scenes. Girl next door ...... you know the drill.
½ December 2, 2015
Surprisingly good movie, probably a lot better when it came out, but the ending is rushed.
November 11, 2015
A good love story. Generally accessible. A bit saccharine when one is not a teenager, but generally very broad in the female role. She gets to be very self-determined throughout. Lathan did a great job performing like a person, not a "girl" or "woman." She sheds a lot of feminine stereotypes in her physicality but still keeps the character sensual and not too butch.
October 18, 2015
omg love it have to download
½ October 4, 2015
Love & Basketball est assez cohérent avec son titre. Le film parle autant d'amour que de basketball et c'est cet équilibre qui surprend le plus dans ce premier film de Gina Prince-Bythewood. Prenant le parti du personnage féminin (ce qui implique une vision peu usitée du sport professionnel féminin) interprétée par la géniale Sanaa Lathan (heureusement, Omar Epps est tout aussi bon en face), Love & Basketball se démarque totalement des films de sports de l'époque par son absence d'happy end mais sa recherche de crédibilité, de sensibilité et de réalisme. Love & Basketball est extrêmement touchant tout du long, intelligent et surtout rythmé comme un match de basket. Coup d'essai, coup de maître.
September 4, 2015
One of my favourite movies!!
August 22, 2015
One of the black coming of age fils ever!!!!
June 21, 2015
Movie of my adolescents loved it. Not a great great film but can't help but to fall in love with characters and story. Solid must watch and own.
June 7, 2015
Favorite movie, EVER!!! <3
June 7, 2015
best movie everð'¯ð'¯
May 24, 2015
One of the best sports movies of all time, including romance. Dull at times, but originality and story will keep you pretty stuck to the screen.
February 7, 2015
Brilliant movie! Great performances from the leads with a believable storyline covering sensitive relationship issues from a female perspective. Criminally underrated classic.
January 5, 2015
this is an really good movie
December 26, 2014
I Love this movie <3 One of my favorites.
December 5, 2014
This is a very great athletic and romanced movie. BTW I love Saana Lathan
December 4, 2014
Love this love story! My favorite!
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