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September 26, 2013
Eighties style slapstick. I have seen much better movies use this cheesy form of film making. With that said Love At Stake did have some funny scenes.
½ February 14, 2012
I fail to see the humor in all this.
December 23, 2010
Humor highly reminicient of the style in Airplane!, except this time were are transported to 1692 Salem, Massachusetts in a Puritan village of witch burners. The title Love at Stake, like burn at the stake, is full of one liners, sight gags and great references to the history of the time.

From the minds behind "Saturday Night Live" and "MadTV!" comes a tale of Sorcery in Salem! Young baker Sara Lee (yes, none other than the bakery company) is overjoyed that her childhood sweetheart Miles (Cassidy) has returned to be the new assistant at Salem's church.

But all is not well in fair Salem; the mayor (Dave Thomas) and the judge (Stuart Pankin) have come up with an outrageous scheme to dupe the townsfolk out of their land, by accusing innocent people of witchcraft.

One highlight of the film is the Thanksgiving Day dinner with all invited ("even indians" says their sign). The indians and puritans all have name tags like some sort of convention.

Also, a real witch goes around creating hilarious mischief throuout the film. The village sheriff sounds and tries to act like the great deputy Barney Fife (Don Knotts) of television's sixties sitcom Mayberry. Numerous trials to find witches with a defense lawyer who can't win a case.

A must see for American history buffs or anyone in the least familiar with the strict religious sect called the puritans, New England was turning over in its grave when this got released. I can risk recommending this, but the reviews of fellow RTers vastly varies.

Funny bordering at times on hilarious. Ends with credits and the Elvis hit Burning Love (Hunka Hunk of Burnin' Love).

Patrick Cassidy (childhood sweetheart of Sara Lee)
Kelly Preston (as Sara Lee, real life wife of John Travolta)

Bud Cort (the made blind minister by a witch in this one, Cort got fame with the now cult film: Harold and Maude)

Barbara Carrera
David Graf
Anne Ramsey
Stuart Pankin
Dave Thomas

Executive Producer: John Daly
Composer: Charles Fox
Executive Producer: Derek Gibson
Editor: Danford B. Greene
Producer: Michael Gruskoff
Cinematographer: Mark Irwin
Screenplay: Lanier Laney
Director: John Moffitt
Screenplay: Terry Sweeney
Production Designer: Roy Forge Smith
Co-Producer : Armand Speca
Super Reviewer
½ November 23, 2010
Borderline moronic comedy with many sight gags and puns that fall flat.
July 30, 2008
Best comedy of my childhood
love it!!!
January 29, 2008
December 14, 2007
This is my fav. five star all the way
October 1, 2007
This movie is tooo funny. I still quote lines from this movie. I recommend it to everyone.
October 1, 2007
This lesser known movie is probably one of the greatest madcap off the wall comedies ever written!
This movie is for Airplane, Monty Python, South Park, Mel Brooks, etc type of lovers of comedy!
September 21, 2007
It has some corny/goofy moments. Watchable and somewhat raunchy.
September 16, 2007
this is a funny god damn movie!
I haven't seen it since I was younger so I'm sure all this will make MUCH more sense to me.. especially the part with the guy having sex with the chicken in the coop...!
½ July 2, 2007
If you like corny humour, this one is for you. I've watched it over 20 times and would watch another 20.
April 18, 2007
I love, love, love this freaking weird movie.. Strange, but unbelievably funny movie.. this is it.. and the whole Sara lee's erotic bakery idea is hilarious.... and now I'm a bit sad because I see by the pic that it is available on DVD.. so now I have to spend more money.. Oh well.. definately worth it.
April 11, 2007
A horrible movie... But classic in it's cheesyness
February 18, 2007
kool as i want 2 see dis. i want 2 see every movie in da wole wide world of course im a movie lover
½ October 17, 2006
Because the world needs more Salem witch trial comedies.
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