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September 10, 2014
I really loved this film and it is one of the best romantic films I have seen. I bought the DVD of this film from BHS and I had a lovely time watching it.
August 9, 2014
This film is worth adding to your collection.
July 18, 2014
Meeting at their respective son and daughter's wedding, Phillip and Ida meet in Italy during their children's nuptials. She is just denting the end of her marriage, he has never loved since thew death of his wife.
It is a beautifully engaging romance mired by far too many sub-plots. The two leads are brilliantly matched, but the rest of the film weighs it down as a whole. Less of the sub-plots and more of the burgeoning relationship would have made this an excellent film.
If anything it is good for spot the Nordic Noir actor.
July 18, 2014
Beautiful little film.
July 14, 2014
While this movie is decent, in no way is it "new" or exciting.
July 12, 2014
Good. A satisfying performance from Pierce Brosnan, personally I didn't like the movie. The views are great too.

3 Stars!
July 2, 2014
Wednesday, July 2, 2013

(2013) Love Is All You Need
(In Denmark with English subtitles)

Ida (Trine Dyrholm) had just learned she has cancer, and that she would have to wait for her chemotherapy results. Upon coming home, she then catches her husband cheating on her with a young female worker who works for him. On another side of Denmark is Philip, who is still grieving his wife after a year, who happens to run a fruit and vegetable produce company. They're going to link to each other since Patrick's son and Ida's daughter are going to be married in Italy. I liked the beginning, but the movie becomes more embarrassing as the movie is progressing which part of the experience is like "The Celebration". You know, when it's darkest and most embarrassing secrets are revealed at the table and so forth.

2 out of 4 stars
June 21, 2014
This is beautiful movie, the only thing I didn't like about it that Pierce Brnson didn't speak a word of Italian, which I thought is a bit unrealistic for an Italian character in Itally...
May 30, 2014
The worst of Susanne Bier.
May 8, 2014
Boring start. Too many subtitles. Best and only good part was seeing scrumptious Pierce Brosnan.
April 6, 2014
I really liked this movie, it was a heart touching movie,for anyone who has had breast Cancer, and for anyone else that likes a good love story.
½ March 26, 2014
As an American, sometimes it tough to watch a movie that doesn't feature at least one or two well known Hollywood actors. Granted, Pierce Brosnan is what lured me in - but it was Trine Dyrholm that stole my heart. There were several wonderful performances, and the locations and camera work were the icing on the cake.This movie weaves a beautiful tapestry of the struggles and triumphs of a family. It exposes the most vulnerable emotions we all feel in our own families.This was a well written movie. If you love beautiful Italian scenery, good dialog and the occasional dysfunctional family antic - then this is the movie for you. Relaxing, beautiful and a wonderful message.
March 13, 2014
Picturesque and poignant.
½ March 8, 2014
i loved it...loved brosnan and the actress...when her chin quivered at the end ....i just fell apart...
February 21, 2014
I"tS tRuE ....'' Love Is All You Need ,,....!
½ February 14, 2014
The feels are real people.
February 13, 2014
Very pretty, leisurely paced movie with nuanced family dynamics and gorgeous settings. Some characters strained credulity, though.
February 8, 2014
Four stars merely because this is one dysfunctional film. It's not the subtle, deep and thoughtful art we expect from Bier, but it is worlds better than most rom com clap trap out there these days.
February 6, 2014
Sweet, wonderful love story about second chances and how it is never to late to change your life and start again.
January 31, 2014
In 2013, Love Is All You Need was selected as best comedy film at the 26th European Film Awards.[
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